Google Voice Search – How to Setup Google Voice

There are so many things we don’t have an idea of in this world and of them is “Google Voice”. Google Voice is a service that provides call forwarding and voicemail services, text messaging, and voice. It provides you with a free phone number that you can use for calls, voicemail and text messages. Google voice apps can be used on smartphones and computers, and you can totally link your number to any mobile or landline number. Sounds interesting, right? Well… I am going to writing on how to set up Google Voice.

If you own more than one number or smartphone, then Google Voice is for you because this service or application allows you to use just a single number for multiple devices. In fact, you even get to choose which devices or the phone ring when someone calls you. Another way to use this service is to use your existing phone number as your Google voice number, but this is based on certain conditions though.

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Features of Google Voice

The aim of Google voice is to unify communication channel, which is why you can easily switch carriers without having to change the phone number since one phone number can ring any phone through any carrier. There are so many things you can do with Google voice, some are listed below;

Google voice saves and processes your call, text and voicemail information so as to offer the following services

  • Search through and read your voicemail like email
  • Google Voice can also personalize voicemail greetings from friends and families
  • Send a text from your phone and computer
  • Make calls especially international calls at very low rates.

These are some of the services that Google Voice can render. Now, let’s scroll down and see how this service can be set up


Setting up Google Voice is simple and easy. First you will need a Google account, a phone number that can forward calls after ringing, computer or a smartphone with good internet access.

Setting up Google voice on computer, smartphone is slightly different, so, I am going to stating clearly how to set up on both computer and smartphone.

How to set up Google voice account on smartphone

  • First, make sure your smartphone is on and you can receive SMS. To confirm this Google will send your phone number a text with a code.
  • Download the Google Voice app from the Play Store if you don’t have one already.
  • On your device, open the Google Voice app after successfully downloaded it
  • Then, you can sing in to your Google account
  • Tap continue to accept the terms and conditions stated
  • Tap Search to pick your Google voice number
  • You can then search by area or city for a number.
  • Tap select next to the number you want to select
  • Follow the instructions carefully.

After successfully following the instructions and setting up Google voice, you can now link another phone number to the service. That’s it… completely done.

How to set up Google voice account on computer

  • On your computer screen, open the Google Voice
  • Simply sign it to your Google account
  • Then, tap continue to accept the stated terms and conditions
  • Pick a Google voice number; you can do this by searching for a number either by city or area.
  • You can then tap select next to the number you want

Just like setting up on smartphone, you can also link another phone number after you might have successfully set up Google voice.

Notice how simple the steps are? You can set up your account today and use your free number to call, text and check voicemail… all these from one app. Google voice also works on all devices so you can connect and communicate however you want.

So, take control of your communication by forwarding calls and messages to any of your devices and also get spam filtered automatically with Google voice. With this service you can decided who reach you and how but this service is only applicable in United States only. If this article has helped you, be sure to drop a comment in the box below.

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