Google hires John Bruno, a Key Chip Designer from Apple

Google looking to improve and design the state of the art devices by hiring an outstanding and experienced key chip designer from Apple.

Google, the leading search giants, has hired an experienced chip designer from Apple. And he goes by the name John Bruno.


According to Bruno’s LinkedIn profile, he started as a graphic veteran and later worked with chip manufacturer AMD. At AMD, he was a chief engineer before joining Apple. Since 2012, John Bruno has been with Apple and worked on series of designs. He founded and was in charge of the Apple’s Silicon competitive analysis group.

This silicon competitive analysis group ensured that Apple stayed ahead of its competition in the area of chip design and computing performance. Before, Bruno moved offices to the Cupertino to help Apple with their ARM-based mobile chip push; he had worked at Advanced Microdevices and also led the design of chips at ATI technologies.

Even during his time with a chip manufacturer, AMD, he was one of the lead developers in the design of the AMD’s fusion processors for PC. So he has got quite a lot of experience and outstanding achievements that Google might find to be of great value to them.

Although the role of John Bruno at Google has not been spelled out at this point, his LinkedIn page presently lists him as a system architect at Google. So, it is safe to say that he now works with Google as a system architect. And he could work with Google on chip designs as his present “system architect” designation at Google is same as the one he previously held at Apple.

What could Google be up to?

Google has engaged itself in the design and development of consumer devices like the Google pixels. According to lots of Smartphone users, the Google Pixel was one of the best phones (if not the best) of 2016. While the Google Pixel 2 XL is arguably the best Smartphone of 2017. The current chip used in the Google Pixel 2 is the “Pixel Visual Core” imaging chip designed by Google in collaboration with Intel. But, Google could be looking to develop their own personalized chipset for their Pixel 3 XL.

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Digital Trends reported: if Google is able to create chips that are faster or more energy-efficient than the competition. Then that would go a long way towards swaying customers to purchase their phones instead of, say, Samsung’s”

Google has been hiring various experienced chip engineers and that has created speculations they might have plans of developing their own specialized chip that will be faster and more efficient than those of their competition. And now, to further heighten that speculation they have hired a key chip designer from Apple.

John Bruno, the chip designer recently hired by Google, doe not just have experience in chip design but also in graphics. So, Google could be planning to develop a full-fledged CPU for its phones.

Google is reported to be in their early stages of designing and developing its own specialized chips. These chips can be employed in their future Pixel devices. If Google, with the intellectual arsenal they are bringing in, can develop chips that are more efficient and faster than that of their competition, their consumer devices could go high up to be the most preferred.

An analyst at Tirias Research, McGregor said to The Information.

“With the help of off-the-shelf intellectual property. The Mountain View-based tech giant could have a multifunctional system-on-a-chip up and running as soon as six months”

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