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What is Google Go?
Google is a lightweight app for searching contents online. The app was recently released by Google to combat regions with low or weak data connectivity, and high data costs. The region the app was specifically designed for is Sub-Sahara, due to the poor internet connection across the region.

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There are also similar apps available in the app market platform. Facebook has an app “Facebook Lite” very much similar to the Google Go, and weighing less than 1MB. Just like Google Go, Facebook-lite also compresses data resources to allow faster page loading even with a poor internet connection. More to this, the Facebook lite has been available since 2015. Other similar lightweight apps include Twitter Lite, Youtube Go – all offering the same features.

The updates for the Google Go app are already rolling out in different countries and people are giving good reviews about it. Within the week, there have been announcements that app has been released in at least 26 sub-Sahara Africa and people have access to download it from the playstore. I’ve definitely had comments about it from Nigeria, South Africa, and other countries. If you want to know more about the Google Go or don’t know it already, this article is for you. Here, we explained the features of the Google Go and how it works.

Features of the Google Go App and how it Works

So what is so special about the Google Go app that everyone is raving about? According to Google, the app is lightweight, not more than 5mb, and uses or utilizes low internet data. So even if you are in a region with a 2G network, you should still be able to access the internet without slow loading speed. The Google Go app compresses and reduces data needed to show or display search results by 40 percent.

The app low size (5mb) utilizes low resources from your device and lets you have enough storage for download and other things on your device. This feature is very useful for all phone types especially for devices with low storage space.

There is a query or trending topic section in the app that lets you get what people are searching for. There is a voice feature to say what people are searching for, the autocomplete will give you full results based on peoples searches. More to this you can easily access photos and gif images from Google Go by tapping on the “Gifs” or “Images” tabs” which you can send to others.

How to Download and Use the Google Go app

Android users can download from the Google Playstore here.

After downloading and installing, for a first-time user, you will see an option to select one or multiple languages. Add more search languages or click on “skip” to go to the homepage.

The homepage has a beautiful interface and is well organized. You can further customize the homepage by going to “settings” and clicking on “customize”. Here you can choose to replace the background wallpaper with a picture you fancy.

In the General settings area, you can change or add languages for search, keep track of your data usage, and more. You can even select another account to be logged in with. This feature can be helpful in keeping tabs on your recent searches and more. You can also filter search results and chose to set notifications for search results whenever the results are available, that’s if you are in an area with a poor network. All these are accessible in the settings of the Google Go app.

The Homepage basically features services you can use and apps you can access on the Google Go app.

Google Go Services

The services you can access on the Google Go app are listed below.

  • Search
  • Voice search
  • Images
  • Gifs
  • Youtube
  • Weather
  • Translate
  • and Maps.

Google Go Accessible Apps services

You can access the listed apps on the Google Go which will open the real app if it is installed on your device.

  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • and More, which you can manually include for easy access.

That’s it for the Google Go app. I have tested the app myself and truly it loads very fast. The actual size I have downloaded is actually 3mb, which does not have any effect on my storage (almost like it’s not there). Also, when on 2G it loads fast just as the Full Google search app will load on a 3G network. So it’s very a very helpful and useful app, especially if you own a device with a low spec or in an area with poor internet connection.

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