Google Drive Save your Files to the Cloud

Google Drive is cloud storage that offers you the service of storing your files beyond the limits of your devices hard drive or storage. Simply, it is cloud storage that expands your ability to store your files much more than your hard drive could contain.

Simply signing up with google drive will give you 15GB free space in its cloud storage.

You can store any files in google drive cloud storage, anything like photos, audios, videos, pdfs, Microsoft office files, adobe files, email attachments sent to you and so on.

Sign up for google drive

Signing up for google drive is not much of a hectic task to do. You can simply sign up for google drive by creating an account with Google at and you will be worked through the process.

How it works

Once signed up for google drive you can access your 15GB free cloud storage space. And, know that creating a Google account gives you access to several of google services and not only google drive. You will also have access to such services as Google Gmail, google play, google docs etc. also, once signed up you can access your cloud storage through your mobile device or through your desktop file system and through your browser.

Access Google Drive cloud storage from your mobile device

Accessing your drive cloud storage on a mobile device is simpler. There are apps made by google for smartphones of iOS and Android. That is, to access google drive on your mobile device you simply need to download and install the google drive app on your phone. Once installed open the app to access and upload files on it.

The app’s interface is simple to navigate through. There is a search bar at the top of the home page to find files quickly. By the right-hand side, the is the plus + sign button that you can tap to upload any files from your device’s storage, you can create a new folder, scan images, and create new files using google docs, google sheets and google slides. And by the top left-hand corner, you can tap on the bar icon to view more options or features in the app.

Access your Google Drive storage using your desktop

To access your google drive account via desktop you need to first install google drive client on your desktop. Simply click on the cog icon on the google drive browser and select download backup and sync for windows.

Access your Google Drive storage from a browser

You can access google drive through your browser by searching and then logging in using your Google account credentials. Such major browsers as google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft edge for windows and Safari for Macs.

Google Drive trash

If you want to remove some files from your drive storage you can move them to your google trash. Such files removed will remain in the trash until you delete them permanently.

To remove files in your android device, open the google drive app, and at the bottom right hand tap the file icon, it will view all files in the drive, then next to the file you want to delete, tap on the More icon which is an ellipsis and then tap remove.

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Empty trash on Google Drive

Permanently delete a file or files from your drive storage by emptying your trash. Note that anyone you have shared a deleted file with will lose access to that file unless you give ownership to them so that they can continue to view the files.  So, to empty your trash, go to the menu icon, then, select trash. Next to the file, you want to delete tap on the More icon and then delete forever.

You may also recover files from trash by following the same steps above and select restore.

However, if you have permanently deleted a file and you want to recover it again, you will have to contact a drive specialist. How you do that is on your browser. Go to google drive help centre and then at the top menu tap contact us, then choose among the options what your issue is or type your issue to get support.

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