Google Classroom: classroom in the cloud

People living this era as it is now will know what is going on. Because it is a matter that affects every human being no matter the age even up to the infants. That is the pandemic that broke out about five months ago as at the time of writing this article. Coronavirus or COVID 19 is the name of the disease that is disrupting our normal human activities. People are forced to stay at home and observe some kind of caution not particularly normal

Therefore, basically, this has also affected education in a tremendous way that got parents, teachers as well as the children or students worried, how is their future going to be. For fewer worries,…we brought to you the services of Google Classroom

What is Google classroom?

Google Classroom is a web service developed by Google and was initially released on August 12, 2014. The service is for schools that aims to simplify and in a paperless way create, distribute and grade assignments for its students. Google classroom is for streamlining the processes of sharing files between teachers and students.

Google classroom is also a part of the tools or services on G Suite for education. See What is G Suite and what it is used for to know more about G Suite. Thus, Google classroom makes use of other Google services to achieve its purposes. These are Google drive for the creation and distribution of assignments, Google docs, Google sheets, and google slides for writing. Gmail service for communication and transferring or sharing of files and Google calendar for managing schedules.

How it works

Students may be joined to classes by automatically importing their necessary details from the school database or students are invited to join a class through a special code. And each class has a separate folder in the respective students’ drive where they can submit work to be graded by the teacher

On Google Classroom app, the student can share files from other apps, take and attach photos to their assignments, and even access information offline. And teachers can even monitor the progress of every student and return the student’s works after being graded and commented on.

Google classroom mobile app is available for android as well as iOS devices.

Basic use of Google classroom

Create assignment: the main use of this platform for an institution or its teachers are for creating homework’s assignment for students. You can create and upload the assignments of your students to do. And to upload necessary documents for the student to go and study. When you create a document or assignment for your students in Google classroom, it would be better to use Google docs, sheets or slides instead of using a third-party app, such as WPS, Microsoft word, excel etc.

When new assignments are uploaded, students receive an email notification about them. And when they are finished with any assignments, they turn it in for grading. Teachers can grade and comments on them and then send the result back to the students.

An announcement can be sent through the Google classroom. Such announcements are emailed to all the students included in the class

You can send and store the necessary materials or documents. Such are stored on the respective students’ Google Drive

Students can comment on the assignments as well as on any announcements. They can also email one another through the classroom as well as communicate to the teachers.

Set up a Google classroom

Just like using any other Google services, you need to create an account with Google. However, this one is not your standard Google account but one of Google apps for education.

Then, go to and sign in with your account credentials

On the page ‘Google apps for education’, click on ‘Get Apps Today’. Then, fill out the form that appears with your school information and click on next

Where you want to use your school’s website where they already have one, click on ‘use a domain name I have already purchased’ then type in the domain name and click ‘next

Then, type in your username and password. Then go through the test to prove you are not a robot and check the box that says, ‘read-and-agree and then click accept.


There, you are now signed up to Google classroom. However, you will have to verify your domain to prove you own it or if it is your school domain seek the help of your webmaster to complete the steps.

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