Google Calendar – How to Use the “Propose New Meeting Time” Feature

The Google Calendar is time scheduling and calendar service developed by Google. The service was introduced in 2006, and a lot of unique features has been added to it over time. This makes it one of the most used calendar services on the web by people especially businessmen from around the world. Recently a new cool feature has been added to the Google Calendar service.

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Google has introduced a unique feature in its Google Calendar called “Propose new meeting time”. The feature is said to enhance the general meeting rescheduling experience by enabling users of Google Calendar to propose a new time for an officially planned schedule meeting and let the planner review and acknowledge the new recommended time.

“This takes into consideration more extravagant correspondence between participants, lessens time spent on the meeting while making it productive, and makes a meeting to be more productive with keyholders in participation,” said the organization in an article announcing the new feature.

Prior to this, users were only able to just respond with a ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘perhaps’. Presently, the ‘Propose meeting time’ has been included as an alternative response option.

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The new feature also enables users to see the calendar schedule of other members and compare them side by side so as to propose a new time that suits all parties involved in the meeting.

How to use the ‘New Meeting Time’ feature in Google Calendar

To learn how to use this unique feature in Google Calendar, read the guide below.

  • Open Google Calendar using the PC web version
  • Next, you will see the ‘propose a new meeting time’ amongst the ‘no’, ‘yes’ and ‘maybe’ option
  • Choose the ‘propose a new meeting time’
  • If you have permissions from other participants, you can check their availability from their calendar
  • After comparing, choose a new propose time suitable for you and the participant
  • Wait for approval from organisers of the meeting

Also, according to the new calendar updates, this feature is available across domains, and “Microsoft Exchange”. Users can send invites and the organisers can accept it from within the Microsoft platform.

The new feature “propose a new meeting” is available only on the web platform, but the feature is expected to roll out and mobile devices soon.

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