GB-Whatsapp – Download GBWhatsapp | GB-Whatsapp Messenger

GB-Whatsapp - Download GBWhatsapp | GB-Whatsapp Messenger

GBWhatsapp APK latest version Anti-Ban V9.1.0

Whatsapp is one great App that has become so popular because of its features. With WhatsApp, you can share videos, audios, photos, and more. However, there are still lots of extra features not contained in the original regular WhatsApp but that’s in GBWhatsapp.

GB-Whatsapp - Download GBWhatsapp | GB-Whatsapp Messenger

I assume lots of you already know about GBWhatsapp and it unique extra features, so this article is about how you can get the GBWhatsapp on your devices without being banned by whatsapp and gets you rowing in it extra features.

And here I am bringing you the latest updated version:

The official name of the app is GBWhatsApp APK, of the version 9.1.0; it is available for Android version 4.3 and above. The App size is 53.5 MB.

How to download and install GBWhatsapp

The GBWhatsapp cannot be found on play store and so you will have to download it from a secured and trusted platform. So, to download and install GBWhatsapp, follow the following steps.

  1. Go to your phone settings and then tap on security from the viewed options. From the dropped down menu turn on the button of Unknown Sources. Once turned on this will let you install any apps downloaded from other platforms other than play store
  2. The next step is to launch your internet browser and get the GBWhatsapp from a secured and trusted store or platform.
  3. Once you downloaded the GBWhatsapp, open the APK file and install it on your device. Simply follow the on-screen directions to install, it may not even differ from the same way the regular WhatsApp is been set up.
  4. Now you can launch the app from your mobile’s home screen and then follow the steps to set it up. OR long in your WhatsApp account to begin enjoying amazing features. If you want to have all the content of your regular WhatsApp on GBWhatsapp without having to create a new account for GBWhatsapp, then tap restore where it says so to restore your data.

Note that it does not require you to root your device before you can install GBWhatsapp, and it is available for both iOS and Android devices.

How to update your installed GBWhatsapp

You can simply do this from the App itself

At the top right-hand corner when you just open the app, press on the three horizontal lines and then select GBSettings

From the GBSettings, tap on Updates and then from the options tap on Check for Updates

There, if there is a newer version of the app you will be notified and then you can download it right away, if not a message saying ‘Good job! You have the latest update’ will be displayed.

  • Another way to update the GBWhatsapp is by downloading the APK file of the newer version. This is because GBWhatsapp is not available on play store of which you could have updated it directly through the store as you do with other regular apps present on play store.

So with this method, you will have to also resort to a secured and trusted site that has the newest version and then downloads the App from it. Once downloaded you can find the APK file from your phone’s download folder and open it. Once opened and you want to install, the system will ask if you want to install an update to the existing application, you only have to tap on install and the app will be updated.

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Note that, your existing data will not be lost when reinstalling the App for an update. Or if you want to be more careful, you can backup your data before downloading the newest version of GBWhatsapp.

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