GB Instagram – How to download and change Themes on GBInstagram

GB Instagram – How to download and change themes on GBinstagram. Having problems downloading and uploading beautiful themes on your gbwhatsapp? This post has got you covered.

GB Instagram - How to download and change Themes on GBInstagram

GB Instagram is probably the best 3rd party app with unique features on Instagram. If you have used this app before, you will agree with me that replacing it with the original Instagram app is not an option.

Also, the GB Instagram has some unique features like the ability to download pictures and videos, which the original Instagram app cant do. Also, you can customize your GB Instagram app interface with beautiful colors and themes.

One of the cool features of the GB Instagram app are the themes found inside the app. There are lots of beautiful custom themes that can be download and installed on the GB Instagram. To use them, you simply download and install them.

The app is not available on the play store because it is an infringement. But you can download it from other third-party sites, simply search for GB Instagram apk on Google. You can read more about the Instagram web.

The app is amazing. Today I’m going to show you how to download beautiful themes and integrate them into your GB instagam app interface.

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GB Instagram Custom Themes Features

  • Hundreds of beautiful custom themes to choose from.
  • One time theme install.
  • Fancy dark mode themes.
  • Fancy white mode themes.
  • Design and upload your own them.

How to download and change Feature on GB Instagram

Step 1. Download and Install Osm themes

This app works with GB apps and is used to install themes on GB Apps. Once you open the app, you will see a variety of themes. You can download Osm theme app from the Google Playstore.

Step 2. Click on GB Instagram on Osm.

Open the installed Osm app on your phone. Clicking on the menu option will display the GB Whatsapp and GB Instagram. Simply click on the GB Instagram. Once it loads, you will see a variety of themes. Simply click on the one you want. You can also sort themes by recent and popular.

Step 3. Click on ‘download’

Once you click on download the file will be downloaded to your device storage. The download comes in a zip file format.

Step 4. Extract the downloaded theme file

Look for the file in your file storage and extract it. Also after extracting, you will find the theme file in .xml format.

Step 5. Install the theme from GB Instagram app

Go back to your GB Instagram and access the settings option. Click on load and file the extracted theme file. Finally, select the file and Click on Ok to restart the GB Instagram app.

Now you have a custom theme for your Instagram app.

How to Change themes on GBWhatsapp

To change these on your GB Instagram simply follow the steps above by using the Osm themes to find and download more custom of it. It may seem hectic to do but the end result is definitely worth it.

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