GamePigeon – How to delete Game Pigeon on iPhone and iPad

Delete Game Pigeon from iPhone and iPad
Are you tired of playing the game pigeon on your iPhone? This post will guide you on how to Uninstall and completely delete the game pigeon from iPhone device.

With the release of iOS 10 updates on the iPhone devices, users are able to play games on the iMessage app. The iMessage app has its own store where users can install games directly to the iMessage. However, uninstalling games like the Game pigeon is very difficult for most users.

So this post answers users question on how to delete Game Pigeon from iPhone. If you want to delete the Game Pigeon from your iPhone follow the post.

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What is Gamepigeon?

Gamepigeon is one of the many games found on the iMessage app. The game is only available to users in your social circle within the iMessage app and it’s an interesting game.

Many users that have been able to finish the game complained that they have difficulty deleting or Uninstalling the game from the iPhone.

Unlike other apps and games on your phone where you can simply uninstall from the home screen, you will have to uninstall the Game Pigeon from the iMessage app.

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Deleting Gamepigeon from an iPhone

So after finishing the game, most users wouldn’t like keeping the game in the iMessage app. So you have to uninstall it from the phone but many users have found it difficult to do so.

If you follow this guide properly, you will be able to delete the GamePigeon game from your iPhone device. This tutorial will work on most iPhone versions and platforms.

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How to Uninstall GamePigeon

  1. Open the iMessage app on your iPhone device. Look for the conversation where the game is being played and tap on it.
  2. Next, tap on the Edit option button. You will find this at the top right corner of your phones screen.
  3. Next, select the GamePigeon on your screen and tap on the plus sign. This will add the game to your favorites.
  4. Finally, swipe the game to the left. This will remove the from your favorites. Swipe the game again to the left and it will be deleted from your iPhone. 

Having successfully uninstalled the Game Pigeon game from your iPhone, you now have space to add more games to your iMessage app.If Game Pigeon refuses to delete from your phone, you might need to force reboot your iPhone or force close your iMessage app.

Tip: this procedure is also applicable to delete any app on the iMessage app.

How to Re-Install Game Pigeon

Since you’ve unistalled the game, the GamePigeon won’t be on your phone again. However, you can always reinstall the game from the iMessage app.

iMessage app has it’s own app store where users can download and install apps and games specifically for the iMessage app.

To reinstall the Game Pigeon or any other game, simply open the iMessage app. Locate the game from its list of apps or games, then install.

In conclusion, use the iMessage app to uninstall GamePigeon or any other app on the iMessage app. The post shows you exactly how to do that.

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