Game Pigeon – Play Game Pigeon Via iMessage

Looking for a very intriguing game to play with friends? Game pigeon is right for you.

Just as the name entails, game pigeon is a game app and it has other varieties of in-app mini-games you can choose to play. They are multiplayer games you can play with your friends online through iMessage, for those having iMessage app and that is using iOS or Mac OS or any apple devices, that is, for those having iPhone, iPad, or iPod.


Note that game pigeon was created and available for only iOS or iPhone users

Nevertheless, there is game pigeon app for android users though is not guaranteed it will work smoothly as it is in the iOS devices as the game is best for users of iOS or apple devices. That is just one of its shortcomings though.

Nonetheless you can go to your Google play store search and download any of the games on game pigeon for your android device, such as the ‘8-ball game pigeon pool.’

We shall discuss how to get and play game pigeon on your android devices in a subsequent post.

Game pigeon contained a variety of games in one app. The games are:

8-Ball, pokers, sea battle, anagrams, gomoku, mini golf, basketball, tanks, cup pong, mancala, knockout, shuffleboard, chess, checkers, four in a row, reverse, 20 questions, dots and boxes, 9-ball, word hunt, filler and more coming.

So, now you know game pigeon app is just a very simple app that makes it convenient to have a bunch of games on your phone that you can choose any one of your interest at any time so you don’t have to download different bunch of apps to play different games. Just download the pigeon app and you have different games at your fingertips.

How to download game pigeon

Simply go to your app store on your iPhone, type in the search box “game pigeon”, when it comes up you’ll see where it says “get”, click on it and it will start to download. Wait for it to download and install on your phone.

And one exciting thing to note is that you can play with friends via imessage so, it’s challenging and fun.

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So, how do you play game pigeon with your friend via imessege

  • Game pigeon is an in-app games on imessage for iPhone users, but, if you don’t have it on your iphone, you can just simply follow the above step to download it on your iPhone.
  • After download, go to your imessage and click on the friend’s contact you want to play a game with.
  • Then, when on imessage, click on select button and then the application button on the bottom left corner on the page of your imessage and select game pigeon
  • After selecting game pigeon the games in the app will all  popup and you can select any game of your choice
  • The person you will be playing with must be having an iPhone and has downloaded game pigeon too

The games are simple to play

  • After selecting a game to play, it’s going to bring that up and then you tap on it where it says “start”
  • That’s going to send it to your friend and on receiving, your friend will play the game within an allotted time or after playing his part he send it back to you and you play too.

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So, it’s that simple and fun when you are actually playing game with your friend through your phone, no need of physical presence like your video games.

And a more intriguing fact about the games on game pigeon is that, they are totally safe for your children to play.

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