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Unlike other conventional movie sites that allows you to watch movies online only, fzmovies lets you watch and download them.

The website is pretty decent as it offers lots of Hollywood and Bollywood Movies for download. Moreover, you can download movies in different qualities that come in compressed and low sizes.



  • Free Movie Downloads with subtitles.
  • Regular movie Updates.
  • Offers movies in 3 different quality in compressed formats.


  • Regular ads page pop up.

Website Link: https://www.fzmovies.net


Fzmovies offer lots of Hollywood and Bollywood movies on their platform. The movies on the site have been compressed to suit mobile phones and similar devices including PC.

One would think that the movies would lose video quality considering the fact that the sizes range from 200mb to 500mb, after conversion, but that isn’t the case. Movies still retain their picture and audio quality, although not the best but manageable and fair enough to watch.

Furthermore, the website offers subtitle for download besides the movie. You can also choose to watch movies online if you don’t want to download it.

How is the Movie Qualities of Fzmovies?

There are basically two types of movie quality on the website; 3gp and Mp4. Furthermore, the Mp4 has been split into two. There is normal mp4 and high Mp4.

The regular Mp4 has a bitrate of 210k and an aspect ratio of 16:9. This format is well suited for middle range phones.

High Mp4 has a bitrate of 250k with a scale of 640x. This format is well suited for phones, tablets, and PC.

3gp is more suited to phones, as it has the smallest file size. For 3gp movies, movies are converted with Mpeg4 codec with a bitrate of approximately 104. Also, the audios are still very clear on mobile phones, as it is of about 32k.

The movie qualities are still very clear, especially the ‘high mp4’ which plays flawlessly without any video distortion on PC.

How to download movies on fzmovies

The movie up for download on fzmovies are in 3 different quality formats; 3gp, mp4, High mp4. Movies in 3gp and mp4 have been partitioned into 2 or more files, so make sure you download all the files. Only High Mp4 is a single file and it will require you to download it once.

  • Visit the official site of fzmovies on fzmovies.net
  • Browse from the categories, or search for the movie you want to download.
  • Select the movie to go to the download page.
  • Select the quality of the movie (3gp, mp4, and High mp4). This will redirect you to the download server.
  • Click on the download server link to download the movie.

Tip: for fast download on mobile phones, use UC Browser. While for pc download, you can use IDM (Internet download manager).

Note: You can also watch movies online. In the download page below the download server link, you will see where to watch the movies online without downloading, simply click on it.

The watch movies online is a new feature on Fzmovies.

Fzmovies.net 2020 Best Movies to Download

  • Captain Marvel 2019 – (Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi) – Download here
  • Reign of the Supermen (2019) – Animation, Action, Sci-Fi – Download here
  • Night (2019) – Horror – Download here
  • The Dirt (2019) – Comedy, drama – Download here
  • The Brave 2019 (2019) – Short, drama Download here
  • Captain Marvel (2019) – Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi – Download here
  • Muse 2019 (2019) – Drama, Horror, Thriller – Download here
  • Message Man (2019) – Action, Crime, Thriller – Download here
  • 1st Summoning (2019) – Horror – Download here
  • Paddleton (2019) – Drama – Download here
  • Alita Battle Angel (2019) – Action, Adventure, Romance – Download here
  • What Men Want (2019) – Comedy, Fantasy, Romance – Download here
  • Serenity 2019 (2019) – Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi – Download
  • The Final Wish (2019) – Horror – Download
  • How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World (2019) – Action, Animation, Adventure – Download
  • Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse (2018) – Animation, Action, Adventure Download
  • Cinderella The Enchanted Beginning (2018) – Animation, Adventure, Romance – Download

Can I download Subtitles on Fzmovies?

Yes, besides movie downloads, you can also download movie subtitles on fzmovies. Movie subtitles can be found just below the movie on the download page. So, to download it simply select it.

The movie subtitle is usually in srt format and it’s a separate file on Fzmovies. So, you have to download the movie and subtitle independently.

How to Integrate the subtitle file into the movie

Depending on your video player, some video players may automatically play the movie with the subtitle loaded if they are located in the same folder.

Alternatively, you can load the subtitle manually by opening the video player settings and selecting the subtitle option. Simply browse the downloaded subtitle in the folder you have downloaded it to and load it.

Does Fzmovies Support Movie Request?

In the past, Yes but Fzmovies no longer support movie requests because of users spamming and abusive of the medium.

You will just have to wait for them to upload any movie that interests you. But if you can’t wait you can download from other similar sites like Moviewatcher, Fmovies, Ovguide, etc.

Final Thoughts

The movie website has grown popular within a short time. Recent movies that you won’t find anywhere else or are up only to watch online, chances are you will find them on Fzmovies to download. It may be compressed and not in full HD quality, but it’s manageable.

Compressed movies on Fzmovies can be downloaded easily within a couple of minutes because the file size is low. The file sizes are low, and usually ranging from 300mb to 500mb.

That sums it all up on Fzmovies. You now have a platform to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free. Share this article with your friend and like our pages to get updates on similar movie sites.

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