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The year just keeps coming up with amazing movies you can’t afford to miss. But then again, who doesn’t love movies these days? Everyone just loves to be able to get lost in a good movie. It can be quite daunting to get a site that provides you with the latest movies, at good quality, and at no price at all. Too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not! Fzmovies.net site is a website where you can download high-quality movies. It offers you both Bollywood and Hollywood movies with no charges at all.



Fzmovies is bound to become your favorite once you give it a chance. You might wonder why I think that but that’s because of the qualities that fzmovies embody.

Fzmovies has a lot of movies divided into categories and genres like action, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, adventure, musical, etc. These movies also come in a different format and the sizes are usually low. But nevertheless gives you a clear picture when viewed on your phone or tablet.

The formats of the movies also differ. The site offers you movies and TV shows in mp4 format and also in AVI format. It also has an app you can easily use to download your favorite movies and TV shows.

The site allows you to request movies you can’t find on the side and every movie also has subtitles. You just have to add subtitles by clicking on subtitles before downloading and let’s not forget the best quality of fzmovies which is that it is absolutely free.


When you visit the site, you will find the movies divided into two sections; Which are Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies. When you click on each category, you will find subsections like:

  • ‘by release date’ which lists the movies based on the year it is released,
  • ‘Alpha’ which lists the movies in alphabetical order from A to Z,
  • ‘latest updates’ which lists the movies by the time it was added to the site
  • and also ‘by most downloaded’ which lists the movie by the rate it was downloaded.

Under the Bollywood section, there would also be a subsection titled Filmfare Awarded movies. Which list Bollywood movies that have been awarded the Filmfare award.

While in the Hollywood section is a subsection titled IMDB Top 250 movies that list movies according to their reviews and ranking on the IMDB review site. Also, you can search for a movie on the site through the search space bar.


Downloading movies from fzmovies website is pretty easy and quite fast.

  • First of all, you need to visit the website through your browser. Simply type in www.fzmovies.net.
  • Next, on the homepage, you can choose between Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Once you click on the section you prefer, simply pick from the five categories under them already listed among the features.

Alternatively, Use the Fzmovies search box

You can also use the search engine to find your movies. Simply type in the name on the search space bar and tick one of the boxes below which are name, director or star cast to make your search precise.

  • Once you click one of the 5 categories presented, the next page allows you to group your movies by clicking on the categories, genres, and year. You can either chose from these categories or scroll down to the movies listed below to make your choice.
  • Once your choice has been made, you will then be directed to a new page where you are shown the movie poster and a review. Fzmovies then requires you to pick from the three main qualities on its platform which 3GP, MP4 and high MP4. Pick the format you would prefer for download the movie. (note that the 3GP and MP4 comes in two parts while the high MP4 is just a part and has the best picture quality).
  • After you pick a format, you will be shown links to click on. Tap on the link and then select either Brrip quality or Bluray because they are the best. HDRip will also do if you have no Brrip or Bluray option. Do not ever go for Tsrip, Camrip or DvDrip.
  • On the next page, after you pick the quality, you are required to either download the movies to your device or “stream the movie online”. Click the “download” link to continue
  • Next, you will be redirected to a page with different download links. Click on one of the links to begin your download and if it doesn’t work, click another till it finally begins your download.


Fzmovies offers you subtitles for most of its movies. Simply click on the subtitle links which are provided at the end of the download page and then wait for it to download. If this article was helpful or you still have questions about Fzmovies, hit us in the comment section below.

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