FzMovies – Download Movies Online | fzmovies.net

Fzmovies is one of the many websites online which enable people to download latest and also interesting movies. This is a website whereby viewers can watch both Bollywood and Hollywood movies and can download them for free too.


This website comes in high definition (HD) quality and have great contents with formats. Examples are Mp4/h264 codec and 3gp/mpeg4 codec.


Thinking about downloading all your favorite movies online and how to go about it?

Then you are at the right website. Below are some simple and easy steps which can be used to download movies if being followed as stated:

  1. Log in to your device browser and input the address Fzmovies.net and it will take you to the homepage. Click on the search box.
  2. Next, you type in the title of the movie, the cast of the movie, or the director of the movie you want to download. But which ever information that you type in, just click on the search box afterwards and carefully scroll through the result provided.
  3. At this point, the result provided is the movie you have requested for. Therefore click on the title of the movie and scroll down to “download now” or “download file”. Here, you will be given options to chose from based on the formats you may want I.e HD, 3gp or mp4. Chose a formats from the options and the download starts.


There are also other means and medium of downloading movies from fzmovies.net without using the search box. In this form, the movies are separated based on different categories.

In the Fzmovies homepage, there are two categories of movies which are listed as follows:

  • Hollywood movies.
  • Bollywood movies.

Hollywood movies contains:

  • Most Downloaded.
  • Release Date.
  • Alpha.
  • Latest Updated movies.

Bollywood movies contains:

  • Most Downloaded.
  • Release Date.
  • Latest Updated movies.
  • Alpha
  • Filmfare Awarded movies.
  • Most Downloaded

Every online website observes and notice their most downloaded movies. Any movie that falls under this category has a very high rate of download.

Via Release Date.

Each movie produced and released has a release date and these category gives the date of newly released movies and also gives the release date which makes movies easy to find. For example Game of Throne was released April, 2019

Via Filmfare award.

Movies that are awarded every year are placed under this category. Filmfare award gives awards to movies yearly and those movies can be found in this section.

There are also other category of downloading movies I.e  Genre and via the movie stars.


Fzmovies website is a very easy and also a simple website to operate on and to download from, unlike other downloading platforms.

The Fzmovies homepage contain of a search box, and a feature which has different categories and other sections like Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Genre, Most Downloaded movie title e.t.c but other download websites has varieties of long adverts, many information about products and services, and meanwhile some even posses low-quality contents.

Also, Fzmovies gives the opportunity to request a movie that should be added to their consumption list and a section for comments, social media posts and links.


As earlier stated that Fzmovies.net provides opportunity to request for a movie. The steps and guidelines below will help you to be able to request for movie.

  1. Scroll to the point of movie requested and click on it.
  2. Afterwards, a new page will appear requesting for your email address. Put in your email address.
  3. A confirmation code will be sent to your email account which will be use to complete the registration of the request.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions and don’t violate them.
  5. Put in the title of the movie you are requesting for and also the confirmation code that was sent to your email account and then submit.
  6. You will be notified once the movie you requested for is available.