Funny Ways to Answer a Phone Call

There are some funny; annoying and interesting ways some people answer phone calls; depending on the occasion, the situation and whether it just for fun.

In this post, you’ll learn how to pick some annoying calls, how to tease your friend, how some people answer a phone call in a funny way and how some think they are making fool of another. (Most times in this post references are made to Nigeria.)

Sit tight and read.

The next time you pick a particular call that has been disturbing you for days says: “Satan’s den, what the hell do you want”

Nigeria boyfriends are like “hello bae”

You missed a call of a known number you don’t have on your contact list, being a nice person you decided to call back perhaps its someone you know that has called with a new number, then you say: “hello who is this” the next thing you hear is “but you are the one calling” now you are the stupid one, you’ll to start explain “I met your missed call”…

Nigerians are like: “hey! Long-time no see…”

“Hello! This is God’s redeem ministry, what’s your problem? The lord is your savior”

My sister and her friends used to play some mischief by calling a random number and when the person at the other end picked they assumed they know whom they are calling and they will just say “hello! Abdul” and then the other person will say “no this is not Abdul” they will say “oh wrong number” and hang up. Then, the next thing is that the person, if a guy, will start calling and asking to be their friend or date. They were thrilled to be fooling around like that until one day they jammed a person they don’t know they’ve called before. “Hello Abdul”… (The other person said in a rush) “Yes Sofia, need a genital service? Your ever ready servant at your service”

Nigeria guys, when they want something from a friend “hello! Wetin they sup na? Anything for the boys?”

Our emergency line doesn’t even go through, and considering Nigeria situations you can imagine what Nigeria officers might say should they receive an emergency call: “911, please deal with your emergency”

“Benevolence casket industry, your father death is benevolent”

Want to scare a friend you knew has been doing backdoor dealings? When next he called answer like this: “EFCC here, you swallow them… we nab you”

“Angels face palace, we cartoon your face”

People can be so ridiculous when pissed off “hello jackass what’s your issue”

Nigeria boyfriends can be so bossy. If he called you twice and you didn’t pick, perhaps you were busy. When you called back, no hello and in an angry voice what he will say is “where do you put your phone that I have been calling and you didn’t pick?”…that can be very annoying.

“Santa Clause cabin, what’s your wish”

“Heaven’s gate ministry, the child of God, your father awaits by the gate”

For the Naira Marley fans “Hello Marlian, are you a yahoo boy? AWA NO BELT”

To that your friend with flat chest “yadrem pushups, we fix bare chests”

 “Lagos fire brigade, you light them, we quench them”

One day just dial a random number and give it a flash, when a person calls back (pray it’s a conservative person) say: “the lord is your shepherd, you shall not want. Congratulation, you have called the Lord’s line, now raise your hand to receive the Lord’s grace…(wait and see what would be the reaction.)

“Hi! Hope you had a nice time? Bye.”

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