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Introduction: A Discord

Discord is a software representation that host server. Initially, that was not its function but a free access chat app developed for players to interact with each other while playing games. Most importantly, it allows users to chat in real-time during a game using text, voice note, and videos. However, it has developed so well to have over 100 million users with the inclusion of other features such as hosting servers/chat rooms on different topics, one of which is music. Thus, users now can create an account or a server to manage its public visibility and access, and a user can create one or more channels within this service.


Fredboat is a free music bot that delivers high-quality music to your discord server. The fredboat is made easy a bot that requires no configuration but only to plug it into your discord server. In addition, it has easy music commands you can easily remember and then have high-quality music playing on your discord server in no time.

Fredboat has a way of searching data directly from the internet and play it on your discord server and can stream music from YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, Vimeo and many other sources you can get your music.

Fredboat Whole Lots of Interesting Features

  • Fredboat allows you unlimited search of music on YouTube and SoundCloud unlike some other bots
  • Other features such as repeat, shuffle
  • Shows play history
  • Allows seamless import and export of queues.
  • It has a system you can grant access to three different levels of ranks as in Admin, DJ, and User.
  • Fredboat also includes some moderation commands like kicking and banning.
  • And to crown it all, fredboat since inception is an open-source

How to Create a New Server and Add a Music Bot to Your Discord Server – Fredboat

  • On the discord click on the plus icon at the left toolbar
  • Then click on the create a serer button on the pop-up dialogue
  • Give the server a name and select your region and then click on create to finish the process
  • Now you have your server then, move to bots’ download page to add discord music bot
  •  How you will do that: on the page click on add to discord or invite to the discord
  • Go to your browser and log into your discord account by simply providing your credentials on the spaces provided and login
  • After then you should be redirected to another page where you will be asked to select the server you want to add the bot to from a drop-down list, then click authorize
  • A captcha page should be presented to you, complete it and then your bot should be added to your server.

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That way you can input or add fredboat music bot into your discord server and with the fredboat music bot you need not switch music with other apps any longer and no need to try hard finding the latest music to download it as everything is provided and made easy by using fredboat.

Some of the Music Commands on Fredboat

  • ; play URL:             this plays music from whatever URL you gave
  • ; play words:      it searches for a track on YouTube and SoundCloud
  • ; now playing:     it displays the currently playing track
  • ; stop:                   this stops the player and clears the playlist
  • ; pause:                                it pauses the play
  • ; resume:            it resumes the player
  • ; repeat:              you can run this command for more information. This changes the repeat mode
  • ; shuffle:              it toggles shuffle mode
  • ; history:              show the history of played tracks
  • ; export:              it exports the current queue to hastebin
  • ; volume              this sets the volume

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