Fingerprint Scanner on Mobile banking system to login

Fingerprints in Our banking system

The fingerprint is an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger. Fingerprint varies from one human to the other. In recent times, it is used to track criminals. Technology has enhanced the use of Fingerprint. Also, you can detect the suspect of a crime by taking the fingerprints of such person to forensic experts. Fingerprint started in the 19th century when police apprehended criminals through their fingerprints.

Fingerprints in Our banking system

In advanced countries, they do not waste time looking for criminals, all they do is to take the fingerprint analysis of such person to the criminal investigation department for checking. Once this is done, the details of whoever such fingerprint matches come up. You should also know it is not possible for two people to have the same fingerprint, not even identical twins with the same DNA can have the same fingerprint.

Importance of fingerprint

  • It helps investigators to link one crime scene to another that involves the same suspect.
  • Fingerprints also helped to differentiate between an identical set of twins.
  • It is also used as a lock system. Nowadays we have phones that come with fingerprint lock, so nobody can unlock your phone but you.
  • It has also helped in the aspect of top security systems.

Advantages of Fingerprints

  • It is unchangeable
  • Fingerprints are unique. It facilitates the entering and exit of a place
  • It  is readable

Disadvantages of fingerprint

  • it is difficult to find in an invisible tool
  • it amounts to lack of privacy as well

Fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner is a security means or system of taking biometrics. It cannot be removed or changed. There are various types of fingerprint scanners which include:

Optical scanner: it takes the visual view of the fingerprint by using a digital camera

Capacitive scanner: it uses capacitors and electrical current to capture the image of the fingerprint

Thermal Scanner: it senses the temperature differences on the contact surface.

Ultrasound fingerprint scanner: it uses high-frequency sound waves to capture the outer layer of the skin.

Disadvantages of a fingerprint scanner

  • It can lead to false rejection. A fingerprint scanner does not accurately read a person’s finger well all the time.
  • It can also lead to false acceptance. In a situation where someone uses a fingerprint scanner punch
  • The cost of computer hardware and software can be expensive to afford
  • the fingerprint of a person does not show when a person physically change

 Impacts of fingerprints in our banking system

  • The use of fingerprint in banking ATMs; in advanced countries, they use fingerprints to carry out transactions on their ATMs. This has reduced the rate in which people steal ATM cards to make withdrawals without the consent of the owner.
  • The use of fingerprint for internet banking; now, many phones, laptops and other gadgets come with fingerprint scanners. This has made internet banking easier and even safer to use. Banks now sometimes demand fingerprint even after you have entered your traditional password.

Benefits of fingerprints in our banking system

  • It makes the bank transactions fast and accurate. Fingerprints help to provide fast and secure identification for the banking industry
  • It protects against insider fraud. In a banking system where there are lots of employees, the fingerprint has helped create a platform whereby no transactions cannot be taken without the fingerprint of a worker in the bank
  • It helps secure online banking. Prior to the adoption of fingerprints in the banking system, a lot of customers have lost their money and fraudulent transactions have been carried out on their bank account by online and bank hackers. But the advent of fingerprint system, the security of customers using internet banking is guaranteed.
  • It also helps to trail audit. With the advent of  fingerprint method, employers have been able to track the activity of the bank as well as to monitor the movement of their employees

With fingerprint on your phone, your privacy is secured as well because nobody can use your phone without your consent. Also, it is gradually replacing the traditional password system and signature method. I have also demonstrated how the advent of fingerprints is helping the banking institution.  I hope you find this tip useful.


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