FCMB Mobile Plus Online Banking for FCMB Customers

FCMB mean the First City Monument Bank: this is a commercial bank in Nigeria that helps in saving your income, it grows your market and grow your business idea. In a bid for its advancement, FCMB has developed an app for internet banking which is the FCMB Mobile Plus App.

FCMB Mobile plus

This is an online application developed by the First City Monument Bank for their customers to ease transactions. The FCMB customers can now complete all their transactions via the internet using the FCMB Mobile Plus App.

You now download the App on your device whether android, tablets, iPhone and even your desktop. The app allows you to do such transaction as a transfer from within FCMB or to any other bank in Nigeria, purchase of airtime, checking your balance and more.

Download FCMB Mobile Plus

To download the FCMB Mobile Plus app for either your android or iPhone follow the below guideline.

Simply go into your Google play store, for android users, search for FCMB Mobile Plus and the hit the app and start download. As for iOS users, go to your apple app store and search for FCMB Mobile Plus and then hit download. With that, you have your bank transactions in your hands.\

How to register for the FCMB Mobile banking

You either register at any FCMB branch closest to you or you register on the FCMB Mobile Plus App. Here are the essential steps to follow:

Visit any of FCMB branch close to you and obtain an application form; complete the application form and submit it to the customer care service at the bank; you can ask and be directed on how to fill the form and complete the processes of the registration by a customer care representative at the bank.

Register with FCMB Mobile Banking through the FCMB Mobile plus app

Alternatively, after downloading the app you can register either as a new user or an existing user which require to simply have your account number and the phone number you register your bank account with.

As an existing user:

Make sure your phone is connected to the internet; launch the and register as an existing user then, accept the terms and conditions and form will be generated for you, fill the form with your phone number, username and password and then, log in. And that’s all for you to start transacting via your phone using the FCMB Mobile Plus App.

However as a new user:

Connect to the internet; launch the app and register as a new user then, accept the terms and conditions and fill in the form generated with the required information such as your phone number, account number and the rest. Then, click on continue; a code will be sent to the phone number you provided(which should be also the same as the one attached to your bank account), fill in the code in the space provided and create a new password for your account and then you are done and ready to transact with your new app.

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Why should you have the FCMB Mobile Plus App?

When you have the FCMB Mobile Banking App, you can do the following at your convenience without having to visit any of its branches.

  • You can make funds transfer within the FCMB or to any other bank in Nigeria
  • You have access to your account for 24/7
  • You can check your account balance
  • Purchase airtime for yourself or a friend (third party)
  • You can even request a statement of account
  • Payment of bills like, electricity, TV subscription, internet services etcetera
  • And you can easily locate any nearest FCMb branch using the map in the App

FCMB Mobile banking transaction limit and how to increase it

After registering with FCMB mobile banking, note that, impose a limit to your daily transaction which is currently at #5,000. To increase it you should either visit any of it branch or call their contact Centre on 07003290000 or send an email to customerservice@fcmb.com.

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