Facebook Vs Whatsapp – Which is Better?

Facebook and Whatsapp has become a very important “communication portal” for social networking nowadays, which has speedily transformed the way people communicate. so, let’s get started with Facebook vs Whatsapp.

Meanwhile, these two platforms are majorly used for connecting with people via the internet. They are fast and reliable as long as there is a good internet connection.

Therefore, what is Facebook? , what is Whatsapp? , which is better? Which is faster and more reliable?

This article compares these two platforms giving you important information about them and answers these questions raised.

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What you should know about Facebook.

Before we begin begin Facebook vs Whatsapp, let’s talk about Facebook. Don’t forget that Facebook platform is a website founded in 2004 by the famous Mark Zuckerberg. It allows a user to share photos, videos, posts, etc. Users can connect with numerous people at the same time just by sending a friend request.

Facebook users can update posts, stories, upload photos, chat with friends through Facebook Messenger, play games online, make video even live videos, get news feed about their friends, and other important information like news, etc.

In addition to that, users can create pages for as well as other pages. They can also join groups where they meet other users with common interests.

To use Facebook, a person has to create an account by signing up giving his general information, and then he will become an active user of Facebook.

What you should know about Whatsapp.

WhatsApp is an application for the Smartphone which provides instant messaging service to its users. It was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in California and later sold to Facebook in 2014 at the rate of $22 billion.

This social media platform is not restricted just to text messaging, a user can also share photos, videos, links, audio, files, voice notes, with other users. Recently, WhatsApp calling (voice and video) has added to its popularity.

To use WhatsApp, downloading the app and installing it is the only thing a user needs to do, followed by adding their phone number.

WhatsApp scans through the contacts in the user’s phone and automatically adds the people who are already using WhatsApp to the ‘Contact List’ of the user, in this way they can start enjoying the app service.

Key Differences – Facebook vs Whatsapp

Let’s just say WhatsApp is a popular Smartphone application used for messaging through the internet. Facebook is a website for the best social networking experience, where anyone can expand their social circle.

This platform is created by Brian Acton in 2009 while Facebook is launched by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004

Facebook has branches like, like and comment options that are not present in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp uses a phone number as the criteria for joining and making ID. On the other hand, Facebook users can use either an email or a mobile number to create an account.

WhatsApp has no feature like log in or log out, but Facebook has the feature.

Facebook is also a website that can be visited by any internet-enabled phone. On the other hand, WhatsApp is an application that can only be installed in Smartphones.

If a user chooses to delete his Facebook account, it stays there for a while about 3-4 months. If the user changes his mind, he can simply sign in and continue using it. The fact is once your account is deleted on Whatsapp, it is permanently gone. However, if you choose to use it again, you will have to freshly register.

Hashtags don’t work on Whatsapp, they do on Facebook

Users can create pages on Facebook. Other users who like the page will be able to see the posts on that page. One more important fact, pages cannot be created on Whatsapp.

Conclusion – Facebook vs Whatsapp

There is no competition between Whatsapp and Facebook as they are the best at their place, i.e. Whatsapp is an uprising for the instant messaging applications and Facebook for connecting and sharing. Also, they are both very effective and user friendly. Both are excellent at their platforms and do their best for service and have played a role in enhancing the means of communication.

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