Facebook Vs Instagram – Which is Better?

Instagram and Facebook both are at the top of the contenders list in the hall of fame of top social media sites. so, Facebook vs Instagram… Which is better?

These two social media sites have brought a reasonable amount of argument among users. Arguments to which platform has more users or which platform is better. Different kinds of people using these platforms have shared their opinion on which is better. Their opinion is basically based on appearance, friendly usage and benefits.


Facebook is social media platform created simply for networking and connecting among friends. It is for registered members to connect with people they know especially those they have lost contact with. 

To make connecting with friends more fun and wonderful, Facebook allows you to post, message, share, comment, like, etc. However, currently emoji has been added to create a better impression when commenting. Commenting as well now comes with stickers and GIFs to make it more interesting.



Instagram on the other hand, is a platform for sharing quality pictures and short videos. It main feature that captures users is the follow and follow back. Instagram users can follow their friends. They also can follow strangers usually celebrities as they offer them something whether be it memes, fashion, funny videos or whatever.

The Battle Line – Facebook vs Instagram

Facebook has 1.13 billion active users daily as compared to Instagram which has 500 million active users. Facebook is higher in numbers. But Instagram has better statistics in engagement and content sharing. All things considered, Facebook has more total users but Instagram also has a very strong following.

This means that they work differently for different kind of audience. Instagram doesn’t allow users to share a post that contains text only. One must have to upload an image or video for that. On the other hand, you can easily share an unlimited post without uploading a single image on Facebook

More about Facebook vs Instagram Differences

Instagram allows a user to post only 10 images at a single time. If you have to post more than 10 images at once, you have to repeat the process of photo selection and posting.

On Facebook, you can share at least 30 images at once. This is 300% more amount than Instagram.

As Facebook provides multiple pic upload features, many people use it in the wrong way. Although, thousand of images on Facebook are not polished and speaks more like a brand rather than the individual. Compared to Facebook, Images on Instagram are more individuals.

Experts have used demographics, it has been observed that on Facebook has more percentage of elderly people compared to Instagram.

Facebook vs Instagram – Which is Better?

The fact remains that Instagram is a better mobile experience compared to Facebook. On the other hand, Facebook has come a long way in this regard, but Instagram is made just to suit the phone, period.

The use of hashtags on Instagram has made the given a wider range of coverage and posts can get to more people who do not follow you.

The Infinite Dial study from Edison showed that among young people between the ages of 12 to 34, usage of Facebook reduced sharply between 2017 and 2018, with increase in Instagram and usage.

Another important difference is that Commerce (buying and selling) is quite easy on Instagram compared to Facebook. The platform is woven so tightly into the experience that it feels like a very natural extension of the platform.

In data consumption, instagram uses more data than Facebook. The release of Facebook Lite has even made facebook cheaper to use than instagram.


In conclusion, be it Facebook or Instagram, both are easy to use when it involves running advertising and marketing campaigns or sharing your pictures with your friends. To a certain extent, both of them are one of the best social media platforms.

I would like to add that it depends on you how you make the best use of these platforms and nature of what you want to use either for be it your business or just for the fun of it, you will tell which one is better for you.

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