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Oftentimes you may have wondered how you could get that sweet video on your phone gallery from your Facebook platform so you can watch it offline anytime you want, but, it has always been a problem for you to do that because, unlike WhatsApp, you cannot download videos from Facebook platforms and can only watch it online.

Now you are covered, with so many online tools to help you download videos from Facebook into your phone gallery you should have no reason to wonder if you can anymore.

And most of the online tools have easy interfaces you can easily navigate to have a Facebook video downloaded into your device. Most of it only requires going through the same simple steps

We shall be reviewing some of the online Facebook video downloader tools one by one. But, before then, let review some popular questions frequently asked about these online tools for downloading Facebook videos.

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Where are the downloaded videos saved to?

Usually, the downloaded videos through any of the tools are saved to your default storage or the download folder in your device. But, you can change the default in your browser’s settings.

Are these Facebook video downloader tools free?

Most of the online tools for downloading Facebook videos are free, so, yes! You can use them for free for an unlimited time.

Can live Facebook videos be downloaded?

Yes! You can download Facebook live videos but, only after they finish streaming

Does the Facebook video downloaders’ websites save a copy of the downloaded videos?

Most of the websites owning the Facebook downloader tools has assured users that they do not save or keep a copy of the videos you downloaded. They only offer you service of searching the URLs to the videos and you download it directly from the Facebook servers.

So now, a little review of some of the online Facebook video downloader tools


You can download Facebook video through the website into your devices. It has browsers extensions but only on desktop browsers, while if you want to download to your android device, you need to go through their website via any of your phone browsers and it works with: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. also, it has an android app you can download and use too.

You can visit:


Getfvid is one of the best Facebook video downloader tools that convert Facebook videos to mp4 videos files and download them for free. It works for your computers, tablets and mobile phones. It also has a browser extension and this one works not only on your computer but also on your mobile devices.

You may visit:


This is also a free online tool to download Facebook videos into your devices, it converts Facebook videos to mp4 video files and saves them to your device. It also works on computers, tablets and mobile devices like Android and iOS iPhone and the rest



This the best Facebook video downloader with an easy to use web interface that works on all platforms whether you are using an iPhone, Android, tablet or computer. You will have the same user experience. To download private Facebook videos you will need to visit the private video downloader on the website.



This is yet another Facebook video downloader to download your favourite Facebook videos into your device. Fbdown works fine on android devices through chrome and also on iOS devices like iPhone.

Go to: to get started

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Steps to download Facebook videos

  • Copy the video URL from Facebook
  • Paste the URL into the input field in any of the tools
  •  Then, press the download button under it or go button beside it, depends on which of the tools you are using
  • It brings options to choose the desired quality for the video, either normal or HD; then choose the quality you want and your video will start downloading.

It is that easy for all the Facebook video downloading tools online

Hope this was helpful?

Go to any of the above sites to start downloading your favorite Facebook videos into your devices.

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