Facebook tags – How to Add and Remove People Tags on Facebook

Facebook tags like every other social media have the tag option and it is a very interesting feature of Facebook.


Are you new to Facebook and you are not sure about what Facebook friends are all about? Facebook tags can help being identified or recognized in a post. When you snap with someone and you want to identify the person, all you need to do is tag such person on your posts and they will get notified about your post. You can also tag someone on your post because you will want them to see what you’ve posted.

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How to tag friends on your Facebook post

Ever wondered how you can upload a post with your friends identified in the post? Don’t worry, just relax and find what you have been looking for in the tips below:

  • Once you’ve reviewed the picture you want to upload
  • Click on edit. Sometimes, you will see the tag icon, click on it
  • Sometimes Facebook suggests friends for you. All you need to do is for you to search for the name of your friend you will like to tag in the search engine
  • Click on done when you’ve found the person you are looking for and that’s all about tagging someone

How to remove yourself from a post they tag you in

Being tagged on Facebook can annoy sometimes, especially when people get to tag you on irrelevant and unnecessary things and this can be disturbing. You need not worry as I will put you through guides that can help you limit or control the tags whether or not you’re online, just follow the tips below:

  • Click on the options at the bottom of the photo if it is a picture they tag you in
  • Next, click on the untag myself option
  • Click on remove tag and yes, you are no longer tagged in the photo. Note that the photo will no longer show up on your timeline under the options of photos of you.

How to limit who can see photos or posts you are tagged in

If you don’t want everybody to see posts you are being tagged in, or you want to limit the audience that may be engaged in your timeline, then you can follow the guide below:

  • Go to privacy settings page and click on timeline and tagging option.
  • To review posts friends tag you in before they show up on your timeline, click on yes. With this setting enabled, it will notify you when you are tagged and can choose whether an individual tag will show up on your timeline.
  • Your choices here are standard, just go to settings and adjust it to either everyone, friends, friends of friends, custom or the only my option. This is the most private option as your friends will not see posts that they tag you in.

Why use the Facebook tag

The Facebook tag is a very interesting aspect of Facebook. A lot of people tag for several reasons. I will be giving you some of the reasons why people tag on Facebook below:

  • People tag on Facebook in order to get likes on their posts, because the friends of the person or persons tagged in the post get to like the post and as such get to have more likes than usual.
  • Also, you can tag on Facebook for feedback
  • The more you tag on Facebook, the more comment and shares you get and more people get to see your posts as well.
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