Facebook Suggestions – How does it Work?

Facebook suggestions – How does it work? Ever wondered how Facebook suggests people you may know?

It’s not by chance, it’s simple and pure algorithm

Facebook does suggest friends in whatever way; it does so in an amazingly intelligent way to deduce who you may know by your activities on Facebook.

for better explanation oh how Facebook Suggestion works? For example, let’s say you have two friends: A and B

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On Facebook, you are friends with A and B

  • A and B happen to be friends on Facebook with C.
  • So, because you are friends with A and B, and because A and B both friends with C, there is a possibility that Facebook says; “You know what, since you are friends with A and B, and they both know this person, maybe you do too. So I’ll suggest them as a friend for you.”

Simple! that’s just how Facebook suggestions work. It has a very smart algorithm that does the job.  But that’s not the only factor there are other factors that will be discussed below.

But first!

What is Facebook Suggestion?

The Facebook suggestion is a feature that introduces new users that you may know so you can connect with them. Friend suggestion is rooted in the Facebook algorithm, which looks into several factors, including connections, activities, and also the info the profile.

The basis of Facebook algorithm is grounded on three main factors of interest, timing, and connection according to their speaker at a conference.

How does Facebook suggestion work?

Facebook is a savvy data extractor; it scans through a lot of data and picks out what it needs to suggest anyone you may know.

These explanations are brief but detailed on how Facebook suggestion works.

  • Friends you add: once send a friend request or accept a friend request, you have given the Facebook a hint, Facebook now knows who you are interested in adding as a friend. So, Facebook will search for a similar profile, and people in common and bring them up as suggested friends
  • Bio: Your bio content affects how Facebook suggests who you may know.  Information like high school attended, university, places you lived, places you work or have worked, and family members, Facebook would scan through these data and suggest those who are in the same category.
  • Likes and comments: Facebook also suggest people you may know based on the Facebook pages you like and comment because they also like the same page. Based on this, Facebook will be like, “since you people all have common interests, maybe you should get connected. In fact, you might know each other; let’s suggest them as possible friends.”
  • Facebook search bar: Facebook search bar can be counted as a sign to show your needs depending on what or who you search for. Facebook will gather this search information and send you the suggestion that might help you with your needs.

At times, you might see people you do not know or do not want to be friends with, you can remove these People suggested by Facebook by clicking x next to their names.

Where can I find Facebook suggestions?

  • On the Facebook Find Friends page
  • On your Facebook homepage
  • In advert space around the website

How can I control Facebook suggestion?

On the Find Friends page, you can control people suggested by Facebook on the Facebook Find Friends page by:

  • Hometown
  • Current City
  • High School
  • College or University
  • Employer
  • Mutual Friend
  • Graduate School

If you make more than one selection in the same section, Facebook will suggest people that match any of your selections. For example, if you select both Lagos and Abuja under Current City, you’ll see people who live in either Lagos or Abuja.

If you make several selections in different sections, Facebook will suggest people who match all of your selections. For example, if you select Lagos under Current City and Nestle under Employer, you’ll see people who both live in Lagos and work at Nestle.


Lastly, it is important that you only send friend requests to people you have a real-life connection to, like your friends, family, coworkers, or classmates.

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