Facebook Security Settings – Privacy Features to Help Protect your Account

Facebook Security Settings
The Facebook app is known for keeping you updated with the latest and trending news from your colleagues, family and friends. It is an application where you can share a short video clip, funny link and even upload a picture just within a few seconds.

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If you are not very careful, a total stranger can view your photos, location, family and also your relationship status and you may share your personal information with brands. The app has a host of privacy settings which enable you to control who can view your status and get access to your private information. Below are the security features designed by Facebook to protect your account and they are listed below:

1. The Password protect

You can begin by setting a strong password for your Facebook account. Go to the Settings menu–it’s in the drop-down menu from the downward-pointing arrow at the top right corner.

At the left side column select Security and then login. Tap on the tag marked Edit, at the right of Change password.

Write in your current password, so Facebook will know that it is you making the changes. And type in your new password, you can choose a combination of either capital letters nor numbers. Ensure that you don’t make use of the same password for your email address, online banking or shopping accounts.

2. Your Privacy Settings

The next aspect is your Privacy Settings and Tools one. In this place, you can check the basic privacy settings and be sure that your past and future posts will not be viewed by intruders.

3. Your Limit access

You can limit who will view your Facebook posts or personal information. Select that same downwards facing the arrow in the top right-hand corner and tap on Settings. On your Posts ensure that it is only limited to your Friends and select Next afterwards.

Look for which Applications the public can view and also what Profile info is viral and ensure too that your personal info is being set to Only Me. Then select Finish. Or you can select the arrow downwards at the top right-hand corner and select Settings. Tap on the Privacy in the left-hand column and beneath Your activity look for Who Can See Your Future Posts? It should read Friends–change it if it isn’t. And If it reads Public, then anything you post is being shared with the whole internet.

For more control choose different Options and click the more from the drop-down and some Specific friends. This will let you specify the individuals which you don’t want to share your Facebook posts with them. Maybe there is a colleague or family members that you don’t want to view every detail of your life.

4. Who can view your stuff?

From here you can control the privacy of future posts. Choose the correct audience for your future posts, and can also share them with:

  • It is advised that you can set the default sharing option to your Friends. Unless you change it manually, Facebook will keep these settings and post all your statuses in the future and it will be only available to your friends.
  • From your same location, you can review your activity also by making use of the Activity Log.
  • have it in mind that if you want to hide a post or photo from your Timeline, the post or pictures will also be uploaded online. Therefore, you can either select to Remove Tag or Request for the post to be even deleted.
  • And the last feature which is available in this section is the Limit to you Audience for Old Posts or pictures found on Your Timeline this is very much self-explanatory, right? By making use of this tool, all the audience for this content from your timeline will then be changed.

5. Your Search engines and Likes

The Search engines will be linked to your timeline in search results. Once you go to the Settings menu through the arrow facing down at the top right-hand corner and tap on Privacy beneath Who Can Look Me Up, you will see an option of Do You Want Other Search Engines to be Linked to Your Timeline? Select Edit, and select No if you want to disable it. Also, you can choose who sees your email address and phone number too – the default setting is Everyone, so best limit it to just Friends.

This app is not all about keeping in touch, but it is full of plenty and different promotions and sharing options as well which help companies to market their products and services, to gain your Likes.

Every time you like a page it appears in your timeline and News Feed – you may even appear in adverts for the page. It is advised that your connection may even be shared with Facebook apps.

Be extremely careful about which pages you Like. Most Especially those which use emotive content by asking you to Like a photo. once very often a page will reach a certain number of Likes and it will be sold.

6. Your App information

Most mobile applications request access to your Facebook account they include Spotify, Xbox Live and the Facebook app, among others. You can find out the personal information these services have access to.

To check this out, tap on the downward arrow menu and select Settings, followed by Apps from the left menu.

Here you will see a list of applications you use. Select one to simply find out which information it makes use of. Unmark anything you’re not happy about.

Some apps won’t allow you to unmark everything though, in which case you should consider removing the app altogether. You can do such by hovering over the name, till a cross pops up. Select it to confirm which you want to get rid of it by selecting the blue Remove button.

7. Setting up extra security

To gain protection, we suggest you make use of the following extra layers of your protection. Firstly, you will be enabled to receive notifications through email that is if anyone logs in from a mobile device or a browser which you do not usually make use of. And If it does not recognize your usual login, then an alert or notification will be sent to your email account.

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