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Facebook Search | Find People by Name, City…
Just like the Google search engine, Facebook has its own search engine. Facebook has numerous search tools for apps searches, name search, page search, individual property search e.t.c. This search tool is just as useful as the Google search engine, but a lot of people have found it difficult to use and some underrated it.

According to Fossbyte, apart from the Google search, the Facebook search is one of the most powerful tools at our fingertips and a lot of people misuse it.

facebook search

What do People mostly Use the Facebook Search for?

After the introduction of the Facebook Graph search in 2014, Facebook has become very bulky with lots of categories, while offering a variety of services which uses different search options. This resulted in more search queries and lots of option to choose from.

Yes, the Facebook search has become very tricky just like a large marketplace without knowing the right seller to buy from.

So, Right now people normally search for names and pages but there is more to it than that.

What can I use the Facebook Search for?

The Facebook search is a resourceful tool on Facebook. You can find people, places, items, group pages and more with the search feature. Simply input keywords in the search bar and click search. Items relevant to what you’ve searched for will be shown to you, including recommended or similar search results.

Finding People on Facebook

There are different ways you can search for people on Facebook. A few are highlighted below.

  • Facebook Search by Name. If you already know the name of the person you want to look up on Facebook, simply input their full names in the search bar. The search results will display similar names to you, browse through its displayed name to find the right person.
  • Search by Email. One of the basic info facebook requests during its sign up process is users “email”. Simply filling the email of the person will display much better results compared to the name search. Although not every user has the email accustomed to their profile but it does work.
  • By Phone Number. Another easy way to find people on Facebook is through their mobile number. Enter a string of known phone number of the person you want to search for. A more accurate result will be displayed to you just like the search by email. Another constraint is that people do change their phone number and may update it on their facebook profile, thereby overriding the old one. So then again it may not work for everybody.
  • By City, Local Groups, and Friends. What if you can’t remember the name? Probably an old-time companion. If you know the friends of the person you are looking for, Check their friend’s list. If possible narrow the search to the City or community you think the person is, you might just come across the person you are searching for.

Like I said, names search is what people normally use the search for. But apart from name search, there are lots of other things you can search for on Facebook. Some of them include pages, hotels, restaurant, videos and a lot of other things. Furthermore, you can still do more with the search after getting results by narrowing search results with other unique options.

Final Thought

The Facebook Search is a very resourceful tool. Besides searching for people or places, you can use the search to find many of Facebook unique services on the platform. More to this, it is an easy and fast tool. The results displayed are to a high degree accurate. This is probably because of the cumbersome content and services on Facebook

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