Facebook Products And Services – All you Need to Know

Facebook provides a stage where people from different background, community, and country come together to connect with their loved ones. Facebook also serves as a platform to share different thoughts, opinions as well as feelings of people.

All You Need To Know About Facebook Products And Services

There is a vast range of Facebook Products And Services provided to the user. Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users. In order to retain its customer, Facebook has to keep their products and services at top notch. Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the whole world. There are many different products and services which are offered by it to its users.

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About Facebook Product And Services

The accompanying is the list of Facebook Product And Services which are expressly associated with, or part of, your Facebook account, and fall under Facebook’s “Information Policy”:

  • Facebook Profile: It is one the services which it provides to its user. A profile contains all the details about a particular person. Starting from their Date of birth to their interests, hobbies, education, occupations, a Facebook profile has everything.
  • News Feeds: News feed is the place where you can see what your friends have posted or shared on Facebook, you get to know about the current ongoing around the world. Also, News feeds details you about latest posts that have been updated by your Friends, pages you liked, groups you are part of, and events happening around you.
  • Messenger: Facebook Messenger is a product provided by Facebook to its users. Messenger helps you to chat with another person who is available on Facebook. They can be your friend, your group, or any other person present on Facebook.
  • Events: Facebook events are services through which you can convey the people present that there is an event or a program ongoing in their locality or city or state.
  • Photos: It is a tool by which you can share the clicks of your life with the world. What all is happening in your life you can share it in a pictorial way.
  • Videos: It is a tool by which people record their life events and share it with the world.
  • Pages: Facebook pages help you to have a distinct individuality of your business, company, product, or even your own self.
  • Facebook Lite: Facebook lite is the product of Facebook meant for people who use internet with lower bandwidth. Facebook lite consumes fewer data and gives you a similar experience to that of Facebook.
  • Mobile App: Facebook Mobile App is the mobile representation of the website. The app has all the features and attributes that the website has.
  • Search: This attribute helps the user to search for friends on facebook, look for a product or find a page.
  • Groups: This service helps in connecting you with people of similar interests.

How To Use Facebook Products And Services:

Almost every Facebook Product And Services are used by the users daily. Be it Profile, News Feeds, Groups, Photos, Videos almost every service are being used by the users on a daily basis. If you want to use Photos, just click on the Photos icon from the status bar and you can choose the image you want to share from your drive.

Groups help you to share a single message to different persons having the same interests. The Group feature can be used by just clicking on the Name of the group provided in the News Feeds.

Messenger is used to texting or chats with your friends.  The messenger icon is provided on the upper right corner of the website in between the find friends and profile icon.

Facebook profile services can be availed by clicking on the name of the person and in it, one can upload their profile photo, give your profile cover photos, provide their personal details.

Facebook Products And Services are offered by Facebook in order to provide an efficient and easy way for the user to use their website. These services and products help users to have a better social media experience.

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