Facebook Password Change – Change Password On Facebook | Change Facebook Password

Do you want to learn how to change the password on a Facebook account? If yes, then read on as this post is for you. Given the level of Facebook hacks these days, it becomes not only rational but also necessary to learn how to change your password on Facebook. In this article, I will show you how to quickly change the password on a Facebook account. Some persons may never require changing their Facebook password because nobody wants to even know of it.

Facebook Password Change -  Change Password On Facebook | Change Facebook Password

However, for so many other persons whose accounts may have been compromised at one point in time, then learning how to change their Facebook password, it not only pertinent but also necessary. This about keeps your privacy and making secure your account. Everyone might know how to change your Facebook Account Password. But you can change it immediately with the following procedure very quickly.

How to change Facebook Account Password

Step 1:

first, log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2:

Click the little dropdown arrow at the top right page of Facebook to explore the menu.

Step 3:

Now click on Settings.

Step 4:

Next, click on the Security and Login tab

Step 5:

Next, scroll down to the Login tab and click on the Change password

Step 6:

Now enter your current password in the Current.

Then in the New, enter your new password.

Re-type the new password again to confirm.

Step 9:

And finally, click the “Save Changes” button.

Step 10:

You might be asked to log out from other devices, click yes if you wish to log out from other devices. Also, see the below screenshot for information to change it as quick as you can. Best of luck with that.

You see, it’s as easy as this. Sure. That’s what we do best for our readers.

We will get back to you as quickly as we can. Thanks for taking out time to read this article. We do hope to see you back again some other time.

The above is a quick tour of how you can quickly change your Facebook account password using Facebook on a PC or computer. Feel free to comment for more if you still have any confusion as of the above.

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