Facebook new…: Facebook Dating

Understanding all about Facebook Dating

Facebook has recorded tremendous development and is still coming up with plenty of unique features. Facebook is one social media platform that has recorded an enormous number of subscribers and still recording, it is a place for everyone starting from high school students to married persons and even divorcees who are looking out for friendship interests to romantic interests.

It will interest you to know that Facebook still in its quest to encompass all of the interesting services have developed a dating service within its social network.


Facebook users in some countries can now use the Facebook social network as a dating service. Facebook dating is packed with unique features designed to help persons of 18 years and above to find meaningful relationships. Such as you get to have specialized dating profiles different from your regular Facebook profiles, matchmaking algorithm provided by Facebook from it the observance of it extensive data on you and your friends and many more features you shall see below.

Note: Facebook dating is found within the existing Facebook app, such that in most cases there is no need to download a new app. Although there are the third party Facebook dating apps.

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Features of the new Facebook dating

  • To use Facebook dating  within the regular app, you need to create a separate profile although facebook will carry over such information to the separate profile, like your name and age
  • If you have experience with other dating apps or sites, Facebook also find you matches based on such data as your location, your indicated preferences from what you answered and other things
  • None of your regular Facebook friends can view your dating profile
  • And it would not show you your existing Facebook friends either. That is turned off by default
  • You can add people whom you are part of the same Facebook group or whom you attend the same Facebook event
  • Facebook is integrating Instagram into the Facebook dating such that, users can feature their permanent Instagram post in their dating profiles and you can share your Instagram and Facebook stories on your dating profiles
  • Facebook dating has a feature called ‘secret crush’. The feature allows you to select up to nine Facebook friends or Instagram followers you want to express interest in and if any of those persons indicate an interest back, you would be connected.
  • You can turn off matching with friends of friends which is a feature in some other dating apps too, this is ok if you want to date someone outside your circle of network
  • It also includes a feature that before you meet a person on a physical date for the first time you can share your location with a friend to keep track of you in case something happens.
  • While setting up your profile, you will be asked to specify your gender and the gender(s) of the person(s) you are interested in, and you can express interest in anyone, women, men, transgenders etc. Every information you entered is protected on privacy.
  • Once you complete setting up your profile, Facebook will match you with potential dates based on your interests, the preferences you chose and other activities you do on Facebook.
  • Text on Facebook dating is on their separate inbox, and it is strictly text, no sending of photos, links etc.

Some of the countries where facebook dating is available

If you had noticed earlier, I said Facebook users in some countries can now use the Facebook social network as a dating service, why is because the service is yet to be available to all countries.

Some of the countries in which Facebook dating is available are Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, USA, Thailand, Ecuador, Chile, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Paraguay, Singapore, Uruguay, Vietnam, Peru and Suriame.

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