Facebook Messenger Lite is an app is a renewed version of Facebook messenger, it has the basic important features of the regular Facebook Messenger app. You can send and receive messages, images, voice notes, stickers, video chats and audio calls to anyone through Facebook messenger lite.

The regular Facebook messenger requires a lot of storage space, processing power and data because it features so many extra activities like games, send money, stories, Gifs, emojis, automated message and many more which makes the app heavier and so sluggish at times. Facebook created an alternative which we are discussing in this article, The Facebook messenger lite.
The original Facebook messenger was designed to just send messages and over the years features became so broad that it consumes a lot of storage space, the Facebook messenger lite focus on instant messaging which makes it a lot simpler and easier to use. It takes lesser space and data compare to the regular Facebook messenger lite.
The Facebook Messenger Lite is designed to work anywhere, most especially on phones with low quality cellular networks. It’s has been available and quite popular for a while in India and Africa, and now it is launched in some other countries which include the US and European. It is now available on Play Stores for these countries as well.
Why Facebook messenger lite is better

  • Messenger lite functionality
    With Messenger Lite you contact or send message to anyone on Messenger, Facebook or Facebook Lite. You can send images, voice notes, emojis, stickers and make/receive audio or video calls using mobile data or Wi-Fi. You can also see when people are active online, Messenger lite function focuses on important features for its users as it is designed to be faster and also save data.
  • Lesser storage and memory usage
    Over the years, the regular Facebook Messenger app increases in size and consumes more storage due to its additional features. App sizes vary by device or version but on an average, the original Facebook messenger memory usage is around 187MB and for the Facebook Messenger Lite, it consumes about 28MB of memory.
    *Works efficiently with a bad internet connection
    With messenger lite, you can always reach people easily with a very slow or unstable internet connection because it is designed to run on 2G network. Messenger Lite does not feature all extra options available on the original Facebook messenger. Messenger Lite is as light as feathers, therefore it consumes lesser data and also saves battery life.
  • Easy to navigate
    There are several tappable action button on Facebook messenger such as Home, Contacts, Camera, Games, and Bots tabs, a Compose bubble, a Profile icon, and also the action button that sort chats by Messages, Active, Groups, and Calls. while messenger lite present few straightforward tabs which include “Home” which display your existing chats. Your “Contacts” list, and “Account”, where you can easily adjust your notification settings, look at your message requests, report any issues and switch accounts. Messenger Lite does not only save space but also time, you can easily navigate the app by swiping left and right.
  • Additional pros
    Facebook messenger takes less than 10MB to download, it Installs quickly, Saves data, loads faster, run efficiently and uses lesser mobile data compared to the original Facebook messenger. It is capable of working efficiently on phones with 2.3 (Gingerbread) Android version and higher.
    How to use Facebook messenger lite
    Go to Google Play or the Apple App Store to download Messenger Lite, download and install the app on your device. While installing the app, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your Facebook account. Sign in and start exploring.

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