Facebook Messenger is a free texting app developed by Facebook, Inc. The American messaging platform originally knows as Facebook Chat in 2008 went through different stages of improvement. It was transformed into a standalone app on both iOS and Android apps in 2011 and subsequently Facebook Inc. separate the connection between the Facebook main app from the messenger.

This enables you to have access Messenger.com from your web browser or download the standalone app. You can also use the Facebook messenger without having an account on the Facebook main account. Facebook officially launched Messenger for Desktop this year, which is now available on Microsoft Store and App Store.

Facebook Messenger is designed to send an instant message and audio using (Voice over Internet Protocol) directly to your contact. It is completely free and only requires your mobile data or wifi.

Facebook messenger enabled tons of functions like a direct message, money transfer, voice call (group voice call with maximum 50 participants), video chat (group video chat with a maximum of 50 participants), chat head, location sharing, m assistant, bot platform, stories, sticker, emojis, instant game and more.

Features of Facebook Messenger.

  • Instant Messaging: Facebook Messenger is used to communicating with your friends on Facebook, you can send text, share photos, videos, audio recordings, gifs, emojis, stickers directly to them at no cost. Not only to your Facebook friends, but Facebook Messengers also enables you to send a direct text to your contact as long as you have their number and they also have an account with Facebook Messenger, you can sign up without with Facebook account.

  • Money Transfer: This function is made available for only US residents. You can simply send money to people using your debit card details, and it also supports group payment. It is accessible from both the website and mobile app.

  • Voice or Video Calls: The Facebook messenger supports audio and video calls from both the mobile app and Facebook website. Furthermore, Facebook enabled group voice and video calling for up to 50 participants. Also, Facebook video chat was updated to enable its users to use live filters, animated reactions and more.

  • Share Your Location: User can temporarily, share their location with their friends with the Messenger’s built-in live location-sharing feature, for about an hour at a time. Click on Location icon to point out any location of your choice, instead of using a dedicated app for sharing location.

  • Bot Platform: Bot offers additional features to Facebook Messenger. Bots use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to use auto-responses to interact with users. For instance, News publisher bots will message subscribers directly with news and other information available. The bot was introduced to group chat to send news update, sports update, receipt and more. Ride-sharing app and hotel chains can respond to questions on transportation option, accommodations, and air travel companies.

Play Games: Facebook Messenger contains games that you can play within the app, you don’t have to leave the site or app to start playing with your friend using Facebook messenger

M Assistant: M assistant is an artificial intelligence virtual assistant on Facebook Messenger designed to automatically complete tasks for its users by scanning chats and recommend matching actions. These tasks include an arrangement of gift deliveries, arrange travels, book restaurants and purchase items.

Facebook Messenger has vital features that no doubt serve as an advantage to its users, however, there are some shortcomings also which cannot be overlooked. It includes an indigent privacy policy, messenger sucks battery because it’s always running in the background, also to receive a message on your main Facebook app you have to install Facebook messenger, and lastly, it consumes a whole lot of space.

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