Facebook Memories – View Past Memories with ‘On This Day’

Facebook Memories, or commonly known as ‘On This Day’ is a central place to view past memories with people or mark a past achievement. The Memories feature, highlights friends that you made on that day in the past with collages and videos that celebrate “friendversaries.”  Facebook also shows memories of monthly or seasonal event which is displayed as a message or a short video. Even if you do not check the memories page for a while, it will show posts that you may have missed from the past week or months.

facebook memories

The unique feature was introduced in March 2015. And according to Facebook in 2018, over 90 million people use the “On This Day” feature per day. Also, you can filter and setup preferences regarding certain people and dates in facebook memories. The feature can automatically detect and filter out bad or negative memories based on reactions and certain keywords.

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How to Access Facebook Memories | On This Day

Facebook memories can be accessed from the Memories section located at the left-hand side of the News Feed on desktops. For Mobile devices, you can access it under the more tab at the bottom-right of your facebook app. Links to Memories may also appear in your facebook notification, News Feed. But, you can visit Facebook Memories directly with your browser by visiting facebook.com/memories.

How to Turn Off Facebook Memories

While the Facebook Memory is automatically set to display, you can choose to turn it off. This action could be because you just want to see what your friends are up to only, and the Memory feature interrupts it, whatever the reason, its easy to turn it off.

  • From the facebook service features (left-hand side), find and click On This Day which will take you to the Facebook Memories.
  • From the top-right corner of the screen click on the Notification button. Then select None to turn off the memories features entirely, or select Highlights to see fewer Facebook memories.
  • Anytime you want to turn the feature back on, return and click on All Memories

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How to Block Memories with Certain People

There may be an event you have a bad memory of, maybe relationship with an ex. If this is the case you can block the facebook memory with a certain person.

  • Once you are on “ON This Day” category, click on preferences button located at the top-right corner of the screen. This will take you to a screen with Peoples and Dates options.
  • Select People if you want to block memories with certain people. You can also block people you are not friends with. Follow the prompts to complete the action.
  • Select Dates if you want to block certain events or notification that come up on a particular date. It could be an anniversary or a birthday.
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