The Facebook Marketplace has been making it easier for its users to discover, buy and sell varieties of items locally and internationally from household items, to electronics and apparels since about a year ago.

And In addition, Facebook is adding more options specifically for used car dealers in the United States to help connect with local shoppers.


The Facebook marketplace which launched about a year ago, the Facebook Marketplace has grown to be a viable alternative to classified advert stalwart Craigslist for a place to buy and sell cars.

And for those who habitually addicted to shopping for cars or trucks, regardless of its need or intent to buy, perhaps even for more mainstream vehicle shopping

Now Facebook Marketplace has been lacking in a few key areas.

And the listings seem to defy chronology, and worse it’s search options have been extremely limited which offers only searches on keyword, location and also price ranges.

Well changes will be made as Facebook is bringing its Marketplace more in line with other car-shopping sites.

It’s also adding some dealership listings through partnerships with Edmunds, CDK Global, Cars.com, Auction123, and SocialDealer and also is installing messaging options which will let the buyers communicate directly with the auto dealers.


The Facebook Marketplace is also launching an exceptional vehicle section, which will allow its users to filter the search results by the year, vehicle type, its make, the model, mileage, and also transmission.

For which this update will apply to private listings also.

A Facebook spokesperson could not really give an exact date when in respect to when the change will take place but said it’s expected to be rolled out soon.

Some New features are also going to be included for other Marketplace categories such as retail, jobs, event tickets, and residential-rentals.


Facebook management said more than 550 million people are active each month in buying and selling groups, and “millions” occupy its Marketplace section on daily basis.

Which it’s expected that they will soon be getting much better user experience.


  1. It’s very reliable to sell and buy cars on Facebook marketplace.
  2. It also benefits Car dealers helping them to sell faster and more easy.
  3. The users can also search across the platform to see what type of car they want to buy.


  1. To Find what they’re looking for just by visiting the enhanced vehicles section and filter by listings of either by year, mileage, make, model, the vehicle type and transmission.
  2. Access that will allow you Communicate directly with dealership representatives via the Messenger which is powered by chat providers like CarCode, ActivEngage, Contact At Once!, and also Gubagoo.
  3. To See trusted car values from Kelley Blue Book.

For people base in the United States, Facebook said the marketplace will allow car shoppers in U.S to have access to the following:

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