Facebook Marketplace Buy Sell Nearby Me – Marketplace Facebook Near My Local Community |Facebook Marketplace App

If you are looking to buy or sell unwanted stuff online, then Facebook Marketplace is the place to go. Facebook Marketplace is one of the many services created by Facebook for users to advertise and sell used items through their social platform.

Facebook Marketplace Buy Sell Nearby Me – Marketplace Facebook Near My Local Community |Facebook Marketplace App

With Facebook Marketplace, you can create a garage sale for members of your community. In short, people in your vicinity can post or upload items (including used one) for sale and can also for items to buy from others.

Facebook Marketplace – Intro and Features

Facebook Marketplace is only available to top countries like the US, Uk, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and a few others that may have been recently added. More to this, this feature is only available to people that are 18 and above, in terms of age. So if you are in any of the supported countries and can’t see this feature, know that it is because of the age and Facebook knows it (from your profile).

Also, this feature can only be accessed from the Facebook app mobile platform. Which is all Android mobile devices and for iPhones, from iPhone 5 to the latest Versions.

The producers and promoters of this feature have given assurance that with time, the marketplace will be made available, across the globe. It will also be made available on the desktop platforms.

The Facebook Marketplace has been described as the most convenient and easy place to discover, buy and sell items in a community. There are a lot of things people put up there, including houses for sale. Over time, the Facebook team have continued to add more and better options to the Marketplace. Making it easier to set up sales and for users better understanding of the platform. This article will tell you all you need to know about this awesome service on Facebook.

How to Access Facebook Marketplace

The Marketplace can be primarily accessed from facebook app on mobile devices. From the app click on the Shop icon located at the bottom of the page. For some devices, you can access the Marketplace by clicking on the category option, and then the shop icon.

How to Find items for Sale In Facebook Marketplace

You can find items that people have put up for sale when you open the Marketplace. Browse through these items, and narrow it down to your location. You can also use the Search in the marketplace to find specific items for sale, and filter it by location, price, etc.

The platform also categorizes sales item (For example, TV and DVD can be found under electronics). You can access it besides the “search” tab and browse various categories like furniture, Household, Phones, Electronics etc.

How to Buy

After finding the item you want to buy, you will want to scrutinize it properly. Be sure to check the item by going through the uploaded item pictures. You can also read about the item description to be sure it’s the real thing. After that contact the seller through the direct message in the marketplace. You can then negotiate payment and delivery of items.

Note: Facebook is not involved in the transaction process. The deal is just between the two parties (Buyer and Seller).

To be fully satisfied with the items you want to buy, always initiate a deal where you can see the item before making payments. You can do this by narrowing the item to your location, after that simply negotiate with the seller on how to meet. Then you can check the items on the spot and make payment. Hint: Make sure you chose a public place for your meet up.

How to Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace

To sell an item, simply snap a photo of the item you want to sell and upload it under post. Enter the product name (be sure to give detail description either used or new). You will also need to write a short description of the product, price detail, and location. Finally, you will select a category that the item falls under and then post it online.

Anyone on the same platform, within your local community, will be able to see the ad and contact you if they are interested. Don’t forget, Facebook is not involved in the transaction process. It’s just between you and the buyer.

Keep Track of Items you have posted or Follow

You can keep track of items you have posted or keeping tabs on to buy. To do this, simply go to the items section in the Marketplace. From there, you can view your transactions, save items you want to buy, items you’ve put up for sale and more.

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