Would you like to know about the marketplace on Facebook?

It’s a shop on the Facebook platform purposely for business where you can buy and sell items.  It can be explained easily as a convenient and simple way in which individuals on the Facebook platform can buy and sell items locally without leaving their app. There are various types of products at one’s disposal.

It is in a form of business to customer relation. On this platform, all you’re required to do is to list all the items that you intend to sell and it is sure you’ll find a deal within Facebook.

It is not a standalone app like the Facebook messenger but it’s rather inbuilt on Facebook i.e. Within the Facebook app itself and you’re therefore not required to open an account or download a feature before you can access it.

With the Facebook marketplace, you can reach out to thousands of persons around your locality. The app is usable on any device including android and IOS. It can also be accessed using a desktop and a laptop device and one can find different household items and stuff such as clothes, TVs, real estate,  cars, and other accessories to purchase on the app. Both new and old stuff is being sold on the marketplace platform.

As the retail world becomes increasingly Omni channel with more and more opportunities to sell in different locations and at a particular period of time, Facebook market place gives brands a chance to  focus on the interactions already taking place on the Facebook platform.

Where can I find the Facebook marketplace app?

The market place app has not reached the whole world as the team is working hard to make it reach the whole world. To use the market place app, you must be 18 and above. Also, it can only be used on old Facebook accounts. These are the places the marketplace Facebook app is available for now.

How can one use the marketplace app?

You can use the market place app when you’re 18 years and older and must be in the location that it is available for.

You can follow the instructions below to sign in to your account;

  • Launch the Facebook app or access your browser and go to www.facebook.com
  • Input your existing login details   (username/email/phone number and an existing password of 6 or more   characters)
  • Click on log in icon

The account will be loaded on the account if the details are verified to be correct.

How can I get the Facebook marketplace icon?

The process of getting the Facebook market place icon is easy and swift. You can get the icon on your Android and IOS device. It can be found on your desktop and laptop Facebook page. To get the market place icon, you’ll need to update your application to the latest Facebook version on your playstore if you use an Android device.

Follow the guidelines below;

  • Update your Facebook
  • A new shop icon will be displayed on the page.
  • The market place icon will be at the top of your Facebook page on your android device and at the bottom of your IOS device.
  • If you are using a web browser, you can find the market place icon at the left side of the page.

Is it free to sell items on the Facebook marketplace?

You can sell items on the Facebook marketplace for free. The process to list your items should only take few moments. You’ll need to describe the kind of item you’re selling, how much you want for it, and also who you want to see the listings.

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