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The Facebook application is the biggest social media network with over 2.27 million active users and almost 1.6 million users are active every day. In this article, I will teach you the basics of Facebook marketing. This guide is to teach beginners who want to market their products on the social media platform.

How to create the perfect Facebook page for marketing.

Step 1. Your profile photo should be your logo while you will decide on what to use for the cover image. For the cover image, you can either use your contact information, photos of employees or fancy artworks image.

Step 2. The “About” section is placed right under your company logo. It helps to tell users coming to your page what your business is all about. So make sure you include all your details in the full about section.

Step 3. Ensure to post useful information on your Facebook page timeline as what you post on the timeline will appear on the news feed of everyone who likes your page. Don’t clog the news feed of your fans, don’t post many updates about the same thing and don’t post too often.

Post things and updates that will interesting to your fans like new products announcement and also unique video ads.

Step 4. Study your page results and statistics which means that you should pay attention to the analytics Facebook insight offers to you. If you notice a big increase or decrease of your fans, then check what you have posted and if a reason for the trend can be figured out.

You can post less of those updates if you are losing fans and post more of the updates if you have a big increase in your fans.

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How to market with the Facebook marketplace

It is built in the Facebook ecosystem and is almost similar to Craigslist. It has huge potential for different types of product-based businesses and e-commerce retailers but it is a relatively new feature which Facebook is still revising.

Ensure that you “Create a shop” if you want to sell your products like this because it will enable you to list your products on a different “shop” tab on your Facebook page.

When the products are listed, they are searchable across Facebook and others can also find them. But if you are in eCommerce then, it is a marketing strategy which you need to start using as soon as possible.

How to market with a Facebook group

Facebook lets you create brand based groups that are associated with your Facebook page.

Firstly, Create a Facebook page for your product then you can create a group that will go with the page, which helps to allow little more control on the group since you can even attach your company to it.

Facebook group is almost similar to discussion forum but it possesses additional features that page and profile possess. For example a timeline. Facebook groups are also free like pages and you can also create a group relating to your products, brand, and industry as a medium to reach your potential customers but they can be time-consuming.

Unlike the Facebook page, you have to monitor discussion, manage members and post questions regularly, like triple times per day.

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