Australian Facebook users are among the first in the world to have access to Facebook latest feature. This feature is the online shopping forum called Facebook Marketplace.

While the Marketplace is a C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer) function, and also builds on the activity already taking place in the Facebook buy, including the swap and sell groups.

A Facebook Spokesperson made it known that the features can be expanded over time “to additional features or types of product discovery”, which is expected to pave the way for more business-friendly selling practices.

What to expect after launch

After the launch, Facebook Marketplace is made available to users who are aged 18 and above in countries like Australia, New Zealand, US and UK via the Facebook iOS and Android applications. Including additional locations and a desktop version of the feature to be available in coming time.

In a very similar way to buying and selling sites such as the Gumtree, the Facebook Marketplace will allow its users to upload images of the items they want to put up for sale, along with information about the products like the products name, description, category and also price.

In making sure that Potential buyers can then use the Marketplace function to search for items for sale by either going through category, price or location.

To enable user buy an item, they would then send a direct message to the seller to enable them make arrangements of the sale directly.

In Addition,

The Director of product management at Facebook in person of Mary Ku, announced in a in a blog post that buyers and sellers are free to arrange the sale in whichever way they choose to and Facebook will not be facilitating or responsible for the paying or delivery of items.

According to Facebook “People who will be using the face market place are selling directly to each other, and also, payment will happen off-platform in the way the buyer and seller made agreements to”.

Both the buyer and seller will be able to keep track of their listing and their transaction history in the ‘Your Items’ section of the marketplace, which helps retain all the messages between the two parties.

The statistic of Facebook market place Australia

From Facebook, they said over 60 million for both small and medium businesses are using Facebook to interact with their customers on basis more than 80% of people using facebook in Australia are said to be connected to either a small or medium business on Facebook

A spokesperson from Facebook said “Currently, over 450 million people are active in Facebook buy and sell groups on a monthly basis,”

Facebook Marketplace is the platform’s response to this “organic rapid demand” and the social media biggest way of making the process of buying and selling goods on Facebook more “effective and organized”.

In consideration, the latest feature is aim mostly at individuals who use Facebook either to buy, swap or sell their own products.


“Our main from the launch of this feature is to deliver a local and effective consumer-to-consumer buying and selling experience,”.

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