Facebook Lite – Faster and Lighter Facebook App

Does your phone hang or slows down while accessing Facebook? It’s a well-known fact that the Facebook app is one of the biggest social apps on phone (in terms of storage size), also it utilizes a higher part of the RAM compared to other apps, and also internet usage. If your data were to be always on, you will discover that Facebook uses background data more than any other app on phone. If you are having any problems with this, there is an alternative which is the Facebook Lite.

facebook lite

Facebook Lite is a lighter and faster version of Facebook. The app was designed to target developing countries and areas with a poor Internet connection. Also, Facebook-lite is suitable for users of a low-end device with low storages. The Facebook Lite app takes just about 300kb of space on your phone.

Facebook Lite is popularly used in the Tai region and also most African countries. The app is compressed to a low app version of facebook but you are still able to use all the essential features of Facebook. Ordinarily, the main Facebook app consumes a lot of data and utilize a larger portion of your phone memory. So if you are stuck with a low-end device and still want to access Facebook then you should try the Facebook Lite.


  • A fast and lightweight app
  • Chat feature included


  • Available for Android devices only
  • Picture qualities are reduced due to compression

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Features of Facebook Lite that differentiates it from Facebook

  • Facebook Lite utilizes lower data compared to the main Facebook app. If you are worried about your data consumption, facebook lite is the app to use, because the main Facebook app uses a lot of background data.
  • In terms of app sizes, Facebook Lite is a lot lesser than the main Facebook app. While the main app has its size to be about 35mb, Facebook Lite is just about 400kb.
  • On RAM and Cpu usage, Facebook Lite utilize about 50mb to 150 MB of RAM compared to the main Facebook app that utilizes up to 300mb of RAM.
  • Facebook Lite has a chat feature available in the app, unlike the main Facebook where you have to download messenger for chats.
  • Videos don’t play automatically on Facebook Lite. It helps saves data.
  • Facebook Lite is faster than the main app.
  • Notifications, audio, pop-ups are reduced on Facebook Lite.
  • Facebook Lite is available for Android devices only.
  • Facebook lite is user-friendly and offers a clean and readable text format, which could be very useful for age groups of 40 and above.
  • Use of the app has total control to add more features to the app.

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How to Download and Use Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite has been designed for Android devices only, so iPhone users are still stuck with the main Facebook app.
For safety purposes, it is recommended you download the facebook lite app from the Playstore for Android devices. Also, you will be downloading its updated app. You can download from the Playstore for Android phones here.
After installing the app, log in to your Facebook account and enjoy the smooth Facebook interface, save your Internet data and surf freely even with a 2G network. You can also chat directly with the app, so no need to download Messenger which will utilize more memory on your device.
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