Facebook jail is a term wildly employed when Facebook suspends your account’s ability to post to groups, or comments on content posted or perform any other activities for a few days. There are several rules guiding the Facebook community if you go against any of these rules and regulations, it can get your account into a permanent jail or temporary jail. Your profile or account might be jailed for a period of time or totally dismissed for the following reason:

  • Getting too many likes within a short period of time
  • Tagging too many can affect your account
  • Sending too many friend request out within a short period of time.
  • Using automated for your Facebook account
  • Joining too many groups within a short period of time.
  • If you use video, images or any content marked as spam by Facebook or Google can get your account to Facebook jail
  • Broadcasting on too many groups within a short period of time
  • Posting nude photos or any sort of inappropriate content can lead you to Facebook jail.
  • If you post content that contains self-harm
  • Exhibiting any sort of spammy behaviour can get you blocked.
  • Posting hate speech or threat to an individual or group of people can get you banned.
  • Fake or imposter account is highly forbidden
    Facebook ban or restrict account who go against their rules and regulations intentionally or unintentionally. This is usually common to, the risk of getting banned on an old account is quite low.
    The Facebook penalty depends on the kind of offence you committed, you can either go on a temporary restraining or a total termination.
    Temporary siege: In this situation, every activity of yours is suspended for a particular period of time. It can last for a few hours, 3days, 6 days, a week or more. Facebook can only block your account for a maximum of 21 days. After then your ban can be lifted and you can re-access and be in control of your account once again.
    Permanent Seige: – It this case, Facebook terminate the existence of your account. There is no hope of regaining access to your account because it has been deleted permanently by Facebook.
    Tips to avoid been jailed by Facebook
  1. Don’t exhibit spammy behaviour
    There are some spammy behaviours that can lead to your account suspension. These online behaviour include the following:
  • Sending multiple friend requests to the people you don’t know personally looks spammy. If there is need to do that, increase the time interval at which you send the requests.
  • Sending too many private messages for promotional purpose can get you to Facebook jail.
  • Promoting your business on other’s business page will land your account into trouble.
  • Impersonation is unethical.
  1. Control your multiple posts
    If you post the same content in multiple groups without proper timing, it can lead to Facebook jail. To avoid this, try to increase the time interval between your posts. Also, there are several apps that can help you schedule the time interval between your post by setting your preferred duration.
  2. Avoid using content marked as spam
    It is advisable to always use original content. Images or videos that are marked as spam on Google and Facebook might land your account in jail. In a situation whereby you can create your own original content, ensure you look for content that legally free to use for commercial purpose.
  3. Avoid those that can report your account.
    You might have few competitors who are in an unhealthy competition with you or your business, such people will try to bring you down by reporting your post with no genuine reasons. To avoid this, you can either block them all, then they will not see your post or report them to Facebook as well.
  4. Control the rate at which you like and comment.
    It is advised to control the rate at which you like and comment on various posts on Facebook. If you drop too many comments or like too many posts within a short period of time can make Facebook mark you Spam-bot. Some Facebook users make use of automated software which can land their about in jail, temporary or life imprisonment.

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