FACEBOOK GAMING- gaming room for pc

The Facebook Gameroom for PC gaming is a Windows-native client which is available as a free download for its players worldwide.

Inside the new Facebook Gameroom, the players can experience both web games as well as native games which was purposely built exclusively for the platform.


This Gameroom focuses on the gameplay for its players, making sure an exclusive and immersive gaming is experienced.

To Develop the Gameroom native games actually takes less time which makes it easier compared to HTML5 and also gives better solutions around debugging, memory management, threading, and also networking.

It provides better performances in terms of app launch timings and memory consumption in the native games.


You have to Download and install the Unity with Facebook build support which is available from 5.6 onwards.

For you to have access to gameroom, your game must have the followings:

  1. Make use of the keyboard and also the mouse, with an in-game tutorial to explain it’s usage.

2. To Open links to Facebook Pages or an external websites spelt correctly in a browser.

3. Ensure to Comply with the Facebook Platform Terms and Developer Policies and conditions.

4. In a case where your game is on cross-platform and also available on the Facebook Web, you will need to detect and support the Gameroom client by detecting an additional user-agent string For example, the FacebookCanvasDesktop FBAN/GamesWindowsDesktopApp, FBAV/


  1. Never to allow the “Guest mode” option for players.

2. Also, Do not allow players to Log Out of Facebook within your game.


4. Make use of the Login permissions which is requested by your game.

5. You can Continue the player’s progress on different platforms for example on your mobile, Facebook.com and on the Gameroom.

6. Access to Maximize the graphics area in the Gameroom client.

7. Always Allow the player to choose between low, medium and high quality in terms of graphics.

8. Make sure to Keep the loading time under 10 seconds.

9. To Build a skippable and replayable tutorial with an easy learning pace.

You Configure all the required Permissions under App Center.

As well as to Upload all creative assets in App Center.

You can also Promote your Gameroom page on https://www.facebook.com/gameroom/?app_id={APP_ID} from your Facebook Page and on the website.

10. Confirm to know if your game is 18+, and ensure to fill in the System Requirements.

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