A lot of marketers has testified to that fact that Facebook is a great platform to market and kind of business. Facebook for business is a platform for businesses to generate sales, leads to another website, and also increase brand awareness. Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users while Facebook for business has attracted over 7million active marketers or business owners.

To create a Facebook Business Page is completely free, but it requires you to have an account with Facebook. You can only create Facebook pages from your personal profile, but your personal profile information won’t be visible on your page.
log in to your personal Facebook account, if you don’t have an account simply create one.
At the top left corner, click on the menu. Click on “ Page” from the drop-down, and tap “Create”
Tap “Get started”, it will request for a title for your page. Select your title carefully and ensure it matches with your brand, business or organization. Then tap next.
Carefully select your Category and sub-categories, it must match what your business is all about. Then tap next.
Add your website if you have one. if you don’t, you can add your Whatsapp Business account link so that people can get to reach you from your page. You can also skip it if you feel it’s unnecessary. Tap skip or next to continue.
Upload your logo or a befitting picture on the cover photo. Tap next to continue or tap skip and come back to it later.
How to set up or Customize a Facebook Business Page
Upload your profile picture, 170×170 pixel is recommended.
Facebook will give you few tips right on your to complete your page set up, tap on ‘See All Page Tips’ to list out all the tips available.
The tips will guide you on how to create an action button, create a username, invite friends, and add page admin.
Alternatively, you can click on “More”, select “Edit settings” then click on “page info” to fill out your Page information such as your business or page description, Contact information, Location, working hours and more.
Click on “More” from the homepage, select “Edit Page” to customize your template. Available templates include shopping, business, a non-profit organization, and many more. Choose the best suiting template and click on “Apply template”. You can remove, add and rearrange the template.
Your Facebook Business Page is ready to deliver your content. You can publish your post, publish three to six post before inviting people to like your page. You should invite your family, friends, colleagues to like your page. Always be consistent with your post to keep your fans engaged.
The benefit of Facebook for business
Facebook is capable of giving your Brand a substantial awareness with its over 1.66 billion daily active users
Facebook advertising allows you to target potential customers by using the information on Facebook such as demographics, location, age, gender and interests to narrow down who are most likely to patronize you.
Facebook can also help to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. Facebook allows customers to connect with you directly via messages or emails.
You can Monitor your performance using Facebook insight, review and comments from your consumers
Cons of Facebook for business
It requires expenses to maintain for instance content business owners posts on their pages sometimes are created with money. Running promotional ads requires you to budget some certain amount. To big companies, these expenses can be tag as an investment but it can be a disadvantage for small business owners.
To maintain a Business page requires skill. A page should contain creative content, running Ads for big companies can require a professional team.

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