Facebook Followers – Enable Facebook Followers Setting | Turn on Facebook Followers

Apart from the usual add friend on Facebook to gain more followers there is a feature of allowing people to follow your Facebook account without necessarily being your added friend. This, you may not know, but now relax as you come to know everything about it now.

Facebook Followers - Enable Facebook Followers Setting | Turn on Facebook Followers

The following feature in the setting is not enabled by default but have to be turned on by you. You may ask why?…good question. The reason is that the following feature is basically devised for public figures such as celebrities, journalists, politicians and the likes. These are people that attract a large audience on the various social media handles to broadcast their news and opinions.

Well, basically we all know about following and followers on various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. this is because we are followers as well. However, on Facebook, you may visit a person timeline but didn’t see a follow button just like other platforms. That is because, on Facebook, the follow button has to be turned on to have followers.

When you enable the following option in your Facebook setting, it means that followers who are not necessarily your friends will be able to view posts, photos videos and whatever information you made public. That is, they will not be able to view such post you flagged visible to friends only. To change all this you only need to go to your privacy settings and set it up.

How to enable following on your Facebook

  1. Click on the gear button in the toolbar by the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page
  2. Then select Settings from the numerous options displayed
  3. Find and tap on the followers’ tab (or you will find something like a public post, tap on it), this will bring up the follower settings page
  4. Check the turn on follow option and the page will expand to display some additional options

Such other options are, to allow or disallow followers from commenting on your posts. To receive notifications any time people choose t to follow you. You can edit your username and can even connect your Facebook account to your Twitter account. By the last option of connecting Facebook to Twitter, it will allow you to post on either of the accounts and have it duplicated to the other account. Isn’t that amazing…

However, on some devices or for people using Facebook lite, after clicking on a public post, on the next page displaying the followers’ settings, tap public under the option “who can follow me” and the following option for your Facebook account is enabled.

How to disable following on your Facebook

This is just as simple as enabling it. Go back to your Facebook settings and then click on follower settings page again and then uncheck the box that has turn on the following option.

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Important notes, some highlights the follower setting offers

  • When you are following someone, that means you can see their posts which are made public in your news feed.
  • Your followers can share your public posts
  • You can have an unlimited number of followers
  • People who are friends with you are automatically your follower
  • You can follow posts of people you are interested in without necessarily being friends. And you can allow people who are not your friends to see your posts in their newsfeed too when they follow you
  • You can block people from following you through the block list on your privacy settings
  • So, Unfriending someone does not remove them from being a follower unless you block them
  • And when you unfollow a friend, you are still friends but can no longer receive their public updates on your newsfeed
  • When you turn on your following option, anyone who sent you a friend request automatically becomes your follower.
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