Facebook Extensions for More Interesting Experience

Facebook extensions

Facebook a fast-growing social network is not stopping in its development of different beautiful and unique features to add to the already existing ones. It is just as if Facebook is trying to take over all other social networks. Or, at least have affiliations with them and offer whatever service they offer. Such that because of its awesome popularity, there are different apps developed and some still developing to increase and improve users experiences on Facebook by some third-party developers.

Thus, as a part of it latest, there is this development of some extensions and add-ons by browsers like chrome. And such extensions help for when you want to access Facebook on your PC. Such is that you can simply go through notifications on Facebook from your web browser without having to go to the Facebook homepage. And through the same extensions, you receive updates of new messages, news and status updates.

Some Functions of the Extensions

Some of the extension provides such features as enabling saving and sharing to Facebook.

You can share articles or blog post from your browser to Facebook.

This is simple, you just need to have the Facebook extension added to your browser. when you so have it, you can find a Facebook icon next to the address bar on your browser. Click on it to share the page you are in. A new window will open with the link, add text and then you have shared the content of the page to Facebook.

And you can save a page from your web browser to Facebook. you can find the feature by the corner of your Facebook homepage. This is just like saving videos on Instapaper to enjoy later.

  • Some other features the extensions added to your Facebook experience are. You can customize options on Facebook using some special tools
  • you get notified when you are unfriended by any of your contacts
  • you can change your Facebook interface for a better and more enjoyable experience
  • it adds additional security features, and you can zoom photos with magnifier, all these and many more is provided through some extensions.

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Some of Facebook extensions for chrome

Social fixer

This is the most popular facebook extension for your browser, its main feature is that it allows you to filter news feed using keywords to sort news so you would not miss any important news. You can hide posts that you have read and sort posts into different categories like applications, social, games etc. It allows you to customize your options, you can apply new themes or change the user interface to dark mode, and you can adjust the content size

Photo zoom

This is one extension that you can use to zoom images and it enables you to view large images. Basically it is an easy way of viewing profile pictures, images or albums. For a better view, just take your mouse cursor around any image and it will view it in the full size on the same page you are seeing the image no need for it to open in a different screen. It is that efficient.

Facebook flat

This is one facebook extension for chrome that allows you change interface design so you have good readability of contents on your Facebook. This is achieved by removing ads and banners. It reorganized your navigation bars to the left side to contain shortcuts to useful pages or links like your friends’ list, your photos, and the likes. It categorizes groups, pages and apps into subcategories and gives notification if anyone unfriends you on Facebook. The thing is, this extension gives you a better experience of your Facebook interface than the default look of Facebook.