Facebook Dating Features Update – Facebook Dating Review | Dating Features on FB

Facebook recently launched a dating app with a lot of unique features, that makes it stand out more among other social networking platforms. The Facebook dating app is a unique app that allows Facebook users to find love on Facebook. And it is free to join the platform, no registration fee required. However, you are required to create a profile different from your normal Facebook profile when joining the dating platform.

Facebook Dating Features Update - Facebook Dating Review | Dating Features on FB

Accordingly, Facebook helps to suggest matches to you based on the preferences you inputted during the signing up process, and also according to your interests and Facebook activities.

One of the unique features in the Facebook Dating App is that you do not have to see your usual Facebook friends in the App unless you allow it by using the “secret crush” feature in it. The secret crush feature allows you to express interest in about nine Facebook friends and or Instagram followers.

If any of the friends express interest in you too, a notification will be sent to you about it.

Having known the basics of what Facebook dating is all about, let now see how to join the Facebook Singles Dating platform.

Facebook Dating Features – Singles Dating

As I said earlier, there are quite a number of unique features in this newest Facebook platform (the Facebook Single Dating). And these features make it stand out as one of the best dating apps today. Some of these features include the following;

  1. It contains no Ads or Popups of promotion.
  2. It is optional and it an opt-in service.
  3. You are required to have your dating profile separate from your normal Facebook profile.
  4. The Facebook Single Dating App allows all kinds of gender within it. Be it male, female, trans male and trans female Et cetera.
  5. It has separate text messaging.
  6. The service is totally free, no fee required and it is quite simple to use.

These amongst others are the features of the Facebook Singles app as there are more of them.

How to Use Facebook for Dating

Facebook services or features are always made free for users. That also makes it that the Facebook Singles Dating features is free to be set up and use.

Usually, to access many social networking platforms, you need to sign up an account with them. As such, in order to use the Facebook Singles app, you need to have a Facebook account or sign up a new one if you do not already have. To sign up for a Facebook account if you do not already have one, follow the steps below;

  1. Open the Facebook mobile app.
  2. On the page for the sign-up form, enter your first name, surname, and then tap on Next.
  3. Provide your date of birth at the appropriate place and tap Next.
  4. Either use your mobile phone number or email account to sign up.
  5. Indicate gender and create a new password.
  6. Tap on Sign Up to register.

There, your account has been created. However, the account will not be completely created without going through the verification process. Confirm your profile with the verification details that will be sent to your phone.

Facebook Sign In | Facebook Singles App

If you already have a profile on Facebook, follow the below steps to log in to your account;

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Type in your mobile number or email address and input your password on the Sign-in form.
  3. Tap on login.

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The profile will be loaded and opened on the device if the details are provided correctly. Whenever you lost or forgot your password, you can simply reset it by tapping on “Forgotten password”.

How to Find a Date on Facebook

Finding a date on the Facebook Singles app is easy but not as easy as it may sounds. The Facebook Singles app requires that you create a separate dating profile different from your normal Facebook profile. To set up a dating profile and find a date on Facebook, follow the guides below;

  1. Go to your Facebook profile from the mobile App.
  2. Tap on the HEART icon at the top.
  3. Select your gender and verify your location.
  4. Then Select a tile from the tiles you would be presented with.
  5. Select a question and answer it correctly.
  6. Include a photo of yourself for your dating profile.
  7. Provide the criteria or preferences you want to get matches from.

Your profile is created and ready for use. once your profile has been set up and ready, different matches will be suggested to you by Facebook. Find a match that you like among the ones suggested and turn it to your Date.

Okay, guys, this is basically all you need to easily set up a profile on the Facebook Singles Dating platform and to find a matching Date. I hope this article helps?

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