Facebook Dating App – Dating Sites For Singles on Facebook

Facebook dating is a dating service that has being developed in Facebook. It was launched in 2018 by the CEO Mark Zuckerberg which stated at the company’s annual F8 developer conference in may 2018 that “There are millions of Facebook users who listed themselves single so their have to be something to be done”.

The dating service was not totally announced at the conference but the attendees were informed that more information about the service will be coming soon. During this period, the feature of the service has been in internal beta testing within many months of the conference.

The dating app was first launched on the 20th of September 2018 in Colombo. At this stage, it was still on testing mode and the users contributed in developing what the site would be lime for future users. Facebook also stated that if the testing mode is successful, then the app will become a very essential part of the already existing Facebook.

It was latter launched in Thailand and Canada in October 2018. Afterwards the dating app expanded to 14 countries which includes: Laos, Uruguay, Guyana, Ecuador, Suriname, Malaysia, Paraguay, Peru, Singapore, Brazil, Vietnam, Chile, Philippines and Bolivia.

This service allows the users to connect with new people within and all over the world, not only their present location. It has been active in five countries for over a year ago and these countries are Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Canada.

Facebook Dating App Features

The Facebook dating is found inside Facebook main app. Facebook users are expected to create a separate dating profile. These service allow the Facebook users to contact each other after showing interest in one another, and also plan on a feature of making users who are attending same event to meet by making their profiles visible to each other.

The Facebook dating service enables users to match with other users who have things in common with them such as mutual friends and so on. A “secret crush” feature will also be added to the app which will help the users match with people that they like, immediately two users like each other, the app will match them together and they can talk to each other.

Users can also search for people based on their age, height, location and they will be matched with people that are within 50-100km range.

In other to met new people, the service was design in a way that the users are not being match with their friends and the opt-in feature will match the users with other users that they are not connected to in the service.

How To Operate On Facebook Dating App

  • Login to your Facebook account and tap on the heart icon on your profile which Facebook name ‘Dating home’.
  • Create a dating profile which your friends won’t be able to view.
  • Check for groups and events that is close to your location, then open the event you will want to attend.
  • You can now see people and be able to view the profile of those people that are going to the same event, your profile will also be shares with them.
  • When you have interest on someone, you can start a private conversation with them.

NB: The conversation can only be via text as Facebook is trying to ensure a “safety measure”. Also, the dating chats will be separate from your Facebook chats.

Thereby the service is added on Facebook in order to make chats fun, interactive, and ability for them to meet new people all over the word.

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