Facebook Business Page Manager – Create A Facebook Business Page | Facebook Business Manager

Business Manager is a tool developed to help businesses and agencies manage their official pages, ads accounts, product catalogue in one place without being tied to an individual personal account and also share access to the asset with their team or partners.
Role of Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Page Manager - Create A Facebook Business Page | Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager keeps your business activities separate from your personal profile, therefore, coworkers will not be able to see your personal Facebook information. It will display just your name, work email, pages and ad accounts. Also, this feature will keep you less distracted while working.
You can create, manage and access multiple pages and account such as a Facebook Page, Instagram account, pixel data, audience catalogue product catalogue, all from one business manager.
Facebook Business Manager allows you to share access to your assets with every member of your marketing team and other employees It enables you to maintain ownership of all your assets and be in control of user access, you can add or remove employees and agencies from your account at will.
From Facebook Business Manager you can track your Facebook ads and Instagram ads more efficiently with detailed views or reports of your ad expenses and performance.
Why you need Facebook Business Manager
The Facebook business manager is highly beneficial to a business owner, the main objective is to help the business to organize their business assets. Therefore, you should create a Facebook Business Manager account if your business has a marketing team, you can grant access to every single person working or managing your Facebook or Instagram ads and pages.
If your business wants to in a various geographical area with different time zones
Start-ups and e-Commerce companies to target audience for campaigns and propel sales and campaigns
If you manage multiple Facebook or Instagram assets such as Facebook Pages, ad accounts or apps you should consider Facebook Business Manager. You can also request access to other Pages, ad accounts and apps or share your own with other agencies to help you grow your business.
If you want to work with vendors who helps in creating and managing Pages or ads without giving them ownership, you can consider Facebook Business Manager. You will have total control over access and permissions to all your assets.
How to create Facebook business manager account.

  1. Visit business.Facebook.com/create and select the “Create Business” button at the top right-hand side of the page.
  2. Fill out the form that pops up on the screen, enter your business and account name, your name, and your official business email address, then click Next.
  3. Enter your business details such as your address, phone number, and website. You’ll also need to specify whether this Business Manager account is created to promote your own personal business or for an agent to provide services to other businesses. Click Submit, once done.
  4. You will receive an email to confirm your email address, Click “confirm now” from the message sent to your inbox.”
    Pro of Facebook business manager
    The most significant benefit of Facebook Business Manager is that you can take advantage of having a centralized dashboard, you can easily manage and control all your pages, ads and employees in a single place.
    Having a single control dashboard makes it easier for the business owner to communicate, track the activities of each member of the team, give them different levels of access and responsibility
    You can set up your Facebook business manager at no cost. It is totally free.
    It saves time, all you need is in a location. There is no hassle trying to managing various Facebook page or ads from a different account. Furthermore, you can easily make your business report right from your business manager.
    No security issues. You do not need to share your login details with your team, as an admin you can invite them to Facebook Business Manager to do the portion of work allotted to them without having to log in.

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