Facebook Avatar On Android – Facebook Avatar 2020 | Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar on Android 2020 is the new trend right now on Facebook. And if you are yet to join the trend then you are missing out on lots of fun. So it is good to join of the trend while it lasts. Facebook avatar 2020 is similar to Snapchat’s Bitmoji and Apple’s Memoji or Animoji. It has changed the way friends are communicating on Facebook, it has actually make it easy for chatting. Why not join the fun now. And here is How to Make Avatar on Facebook Messenger with the Facebook Avatar Creator app. Ride on

Facebook Avatar On Android  - Facebook Avatar 2020 | Facebook Avatar

Facebook avatar 2020 is the latest version of Facebook avatar. It is a feature on facebook where users can create Avatars or Cartoon-like images of themselves. And it has enhanced the way people communicate with one another on Facebook. You can even use the Facebook avatar you created on other social media platforms.

Avatar On Facebook

Once you have Facebook Avatar feature in you account it is easy to create your own avatar. However, the feature is not yet available in every country. So, in case you cannot find the feature on your phone, that means it is yet to be available in your country.

Even in some countries where the Facebook avatar on Android 2020 is available, not every user may find the Facebook Avatar feature on their account. Meaning that you may want to create Facebook avatar but can find the feature in your account eventhough the feature is already availabe in your country. Those who already have the feature in their account, follow this article as a guide to create Facebook avatar 2020.

Facebook avatar was launched in 2018 in countries like Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. But the new Facebook Avatar 2020 was recently launched and it is when the feature really got the attention of people around the world. The Facebook avatar 2020 is the United States version and it is what really brought the feature into the spotlight and a new high level.

Hence, Facebook Avatar on Android 2020 like I said earlier allows you to create a character of yourself in a cartoon like manner. You have the choice to make the avatar the way you want it. You can edit your Facebook avatar after creating it. For example; if after you create your avatar you don’t like the hairstyle you change it again.

Facebook Avatar 2020 Link: How To Create Facebook Avatar

First foremost, update your Facebook app to the latest version. Because the Facebook avatar 2020 link is only available in the latest version of Facebook app.

Note that Facebook Avatar link 2020 is not available on Facebook lite. If you have the updated Facebook app, follow the following guide to create your Facebook Avatar.

1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile device, tap the menu bar at the lower right corner in an iOS device and at the upper right corner on an Android phones.

2. Scroll down and tap “See More.”

3. Select “Avatars.”

4. Tap Next and tap “Get Started.”

5. Then you can customize your Facebook avatar the way you want it to be. Such as your skin, hairstyle, face, eyes, body shapes, nose and outfit.

6. When you are done customizing your avatar to your taste, tap the checkmark icon in the upper right corner. Finally, tap Next and then Done to save your new Facebook avatar.

How To Access Facebook Avatar 2020

To access and use your Facebook Avatar, tap on the smiley face icon in the “Write a comment” section of Facebook.

How To Use Facebook Avatar In Messenger

  1. Tap on the three buttons in the top-right corner in your Facebook avatar page.
  2. You will then be directed to the sticker menu where you will find so many stickers including avatars you created.
  3. Tap on any sticker of your choice and you will be asked to send through Messenger.
  4. Select the person you want to send it to and it will appear like a conversation.
  5. Finally, tap on the curved arrow button in the top-right corner to share.

Finally, In case you find out that the Facebook avatar 2020 link is not in your Facebook account even with the latest Facebook app and you are from a country with the Facebook avatar, that means your account is yet to be captured in the Avatar feature by Facebook.