FACEBOOK AVATAR IN MESSENGER- how to use avatar on messenger

  1. As soon as you have set up your avatar, just close the Facebook application, and the head to open the Messenger application on your mobile device.
  2. Start a chat as you normally would start to chat with a friend, follow by tapping ton the ‘emoji’ icon on the text box.
  3. After that, click on the avatar face at the bottom of your screen beside the ‘recent’ icon.

You Should be able to send your avatar stickers and emojis to all your contacts using this option to chat with them.


The Facebook Messenger and Facebook work in hands when it comes to using your avatar as your profile picture.

As soon as your avatar is set as your profile picture then from the Facebook app it should automatically show up as your profile picture in Messenger as well.

Well Let’s take a look at how this can be achieved.

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device, scroll to access the menu using the ‘hamburger’ icon from the bottom right corner of your screen, them scroll down until you see an option that says ‘See more’.

Once found this option, click on it to reveal other additional menu items.

  1. Now click on ‘Avatar’ and then select the ‘Share’ option on the next screen.
  2. Tap On the “Set as profile picture” from the share menu and then you should be taken to the avatar customizing page for your own profile picture.
  3. Choose your desired pose and the background color on this screen and then click on ‘Next’ at the bottom of your screen as soon as you are done.
  1. The Facebook by default is designed to use your avatar as your temporary profile picture for a duration of just 7 days.

But You can customize this duration by clicking on the ‘7 days’ time option, and selecting ‘Custom’ then by entering the desired time duration for your new avatar profile picture.

  1. After all this steps, click on “Save” which is at the bottom of your home screen, and your profile picture should automatically be changed by Facebook and Messenger alike.


You should now have your chosen avatar pose and the background color set as your profile picture for both the Facebook app and on Facebook Messenger.

Your Facebook friends can identify you using your avatar and can also send you their own avatar stickers in the Messenger app.

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