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Recently, Facebook just launch Facebook Avatar creator, and something when communicating with your Facebook friends. Well, there is a huge remedy to these moments; you can pass your messages using an avatar and in this Facebook avatar maker guide, you will see how to make your own avatar and use it for whatever you wish.

Facebook did not just introduce the avatar feature to the website but, also, provisions have been made for users to create the avatar of their choice and use it for what they wish to without having to pay for it.

One beautiful thing about these avatars is that it can be customized to any gender, complexion, hair color, age, etc. In other words, you can make a cartooned character of your self depicting just how you feel at the moment.

If you are interested in making your own avatar but can not find the feature in your own Facebook account homepage, it means your country has not yet been given access to the feature so you just have to patiently wait till that happens.

Nevertheless, if you have access to the avatar feature, you are eligible to read this article

Facebook Avatar Maker – Facebook Avatar Creator

The Facebook Avatar Creator otherwise known as avatar maker is the section on Facebook where users can create their own avatars. You get to choose the characteristics of your avatar. This tells you that how your avatars look depends solely on your choices.

You can choose the following; skin tone, eye color, dress, hairstyle, and many more. Once you have the updated Facebook mobile app version, you can easily locate the avatar creator on Facebook.

There are a lot of beautiful characteristics you can select to make your avatar beautiful and even funny. You can challenge your friends to see who makes the funniest or most beautiful avatar. This is the trend at the moment.

How to Locate Facebook Avatar Creator on your Mobile device

Kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Facebook app on your smart device
  2. Click on the menu bar found at the top right of your homepage
  3. Scroll down and you will see an icon written “Avatars’
  4. Click on it and you can start creating your own avatars.

If you followed the above steps, congratulations, you have successfully created your own Facebook Avatar.

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