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Facebook is a website which enables users to connect with their family, friends, colleagues or even people they don’t know since the Facebook main purpose is to make the world more open and connected. It is a platform where you can send messages, share your images, music, videos, play games, send money, market your business and many other things. users are allowed to express their opinions and thoughts on this platform too, however, hate speech is not permissible.
Facebook, formerly known as The Book had no idea it will become something so huge when it all started. It has over 2. 30 billion active users monthly and over 37,000 employees. Facebook has gone through so many phases of development which encourages its users, day by day and get them more engaged with the app. facebook has launch so many apps and products over the years, their product is integrated inside these apps. Below is the list of all Facebook apps:
Facebook apps and their functions
Facebook: Facebook is the main app most people interact with, it enables you to connect with your friends, check notification, share pictures/video, search for pages/friends/place, post events and check available event for you.
Facebook Lite: Regular Facebook has more features, which can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Facebook Lite is the lighter version of Facebook, it has lesser features, it is easy to navigate, it is faster, works better on a phone with a low cellular network connection and it consumes lesser data. Most people prefer Facebook lite to the regular Facebook app.
Facebook Messenger: The messenger is designed for instant messaging, it has featured so many extra activities like games, stories, Gifs, emojis, automated message and many more. It requires a lot of storage space, processing power and data which makes the app so sluggish at times, especially on lower-end phones.
Messenger Lite : The Facebook Messenger Lite is designed to work anywhere, most especially on phones with low quality cellular networks. It has lesser features and it is faster than the regular messenger.
Facebook Messenger Kids: It designed basically for kids, kids can send messages to their friends or do a video call under rigorous parental supervision and oversight.
Facebook Ads Manager: This app by Facebook focus on business owners, it for business purpose. You can easily monitor your ad analytics, the expenditures, performance and others. It help users to manage their ad effectively and efficiently. It is not free of charge and the cost varies.
Workplace by Facebook: This is another Facebook app that focus on business owners, Employer and its employees can communicate with one another privately on in a group. You can upload file, send updates, feedback in the group in an organized thread. It can do more than just messaging, you can do video conference, broadcast announcement, instant language translator, and it also feature different office tool such as office 365, Dropbox e.t.c.
Facebook Pages Manager: You can use this app to manage your pages on Facebook instead of managing it directly from the Facebook main app. It has so many functions that can help you manage your page easily, you can check your notification as well as the analytics of your page, you can also connect with your followers.
Facebook Local: This app is a renewed Event app, it combine the services of Yelp, Fouresquare and Event app. This discovery app help to check for local stuff. You can search for events near you, see information about your friends’ check-ins, and check reviews on local businesses, like bars and restaurants and their location.
Study from Facebook: This app enable those that are in Facebook study program to answer questions for research purpose. This program reward participants for sharing info about how they use their apps.

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