Facebook Ads Manager – Facebook Ads Manager Group

Facebook Ads Manager is a tool designed for marketers to create promotional campaigns, edit and analyze their campaigns. You can easily monitor your ad analytics, the expenditures, performance, and others.
How to find Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook Ads Manager - Facebook Ads Manager Group

There are several ways to find your Facebook ad manager. To get to your Facebook Ads Manager, you can either download the Facebook Ads Manager mobile app and login into your account or visit https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager on your web browser and you will be directed to your ad account where you can do an overview of your campaign activities. You can also go through your Facebook page, you have to login into your Facebook account. At the upper-right corner of the homepage, you will find a drop-down arrow, click on it and choose the option “manage ads” among the rest, you will be brought to your Facebook Ad Accounts account page.
Functions of Facebook ads manager

  • Facebook Ads Manager is an all-in-one tool for creating and managing ads, it helps you set when and where your ads will run and you can also keep track of how well your campaigns are performing.
  • Create brand new ad campaigns by selecting your campaign parameters such as your objective and audience.
  • Ads Manager makes it easy to review and adjust your campaigns. You edit your spending limit, schedule, budget, audience, placement options and creative. You can also edit multiple campaigns in bulk. You can always set it off / on, pause, or duplicate your ad campaigns at any time.
  • Facebook Ads Manager help you to review your outcome, the reporting tools help you see if your ads are giving you your desired outcome. You can easily identify areas to adjust to improve your campaign performance just by viewing the trends over time.
  • With Power Editor feature integrated into Facebook ad manager it is easier to create and monitor ads campaigns across multiple advertising platforms owned by Facebook such as Instagram ads.
    How to Use Facebook Ads Manager
    To make a new campaign with Facebook Ads Manager, you can use guided creation or quick creation. These are the two methods of creating an ad available.
    Guided creation uses a step-by-step guide method for an advertiser. It is designed for beginners who are less familiar with all of the components of a Facebook ad to create entirely new ad campaigns
    Quick creation is best for an expert in this field, it enables you to decide on your campaign, ad set, and all supplementary things as you see best fits
    From the options listed above, you can choose the workflow that best suits your experience or expertise level to create an ad from Facebook ad manager. You can switch in between the option anytime.
    Pro of Facebook Ads Manager.
  • You can easily duplicate your ads, ad sets and advertising campaigns using Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Facebook ad manager is best for editing your ads or campaigns such as your target, bids, budgets, etc. all in one place.
  • Facebook ad manager helps to create and manage campaigns across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and other platforms that belong to Facebook.
  • Facebook ad manager enables you to use A/B testing to see the most productive ad elements and techniques.
  • You can customise your graphs and tables to see the metrics that are most important in one unified view.
  • Include variations in audiences, locations and also set your campaigns and ad sets to suit your budget with the help of Facebook Ads Manager.
  • You can use the built-in Ads reporting tool to analyse results, pinpoint your error and make a conscious adjustment to your ads and campaigns.
  • You can also locate people similar to your target audiences on your ad manager account.

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