Email on deck: Create a Temp Email Address

I am not sure you have heard of disposable email.

A disposable email also refers to as throwaway email, temporary email or self-destructing email. This one that allows registered users to receive an email to a temporary email account or address that will expire after a particular period of time has elapsed. You want to sign up to an online discussion forum or blogs or websites that require you to provide an email address before you can post comments or download some papers when you have the disposable email account you would be able to sign up and verify your registration without providing your primary email address. This help to prevent spam or some malicious actions by some sites that cannot be fully trusted, and to protect your online privacy.

Note that, there is a difference between a disposable email account and disposable email address. A disposable email account has its own inbox, reply function and forward function in which you can do basically all you do with your primary email account. On the other hand, disposable email address simply perform the function of forwarding messages to your primary email account and that is all.

Why this?

This is because we are coming to tell you about an app offering the service of allowing you to create a temporary email that works. And that is ‘EmailOnDeck’

What is EmailOnDeck? Fast and free, temp emails

The official website is which has everything to do with disposable, temporary and throwaway email addresses and seeks to help it users avoid spam, protect their privacy online and protect their account from any other malicious actions.

Why you need a disposable email

You can have the control as to who you want to give your personal information to

In such transaction that you may want to improve your online privacy, email on deck will just be perfect for you. This is such as when you want to purchase or sell bitcoins or trade in cryptocurrency.

You can use email on deck to create a disposable address in order to make quick registrations, or forum signature and even to create a dating profile or account

Also, disposable email can be used for questions and answers testing of emails. Etc

On email on deck you can get a free and fast email address that you can use for any site or app

You would be able to stop advertisers from tracking your purchases and shopping habits

You can get as many email addresses as you need on email on deck, no registration required.

And emails are constantly and securely deleted.

Other disposable email platforms are




Mail Catch





10 Minute Mial

Guerrilla mail

How to create a disposable email address on Gmail

There is the Gmail customizes email tricks that can be pulled to create a disposable email address.

The customized Gmail trick to create and give a disposable email address is as the instruction follows

  1. When asked to give an email address for example in making a particular registration, type in your normal email address but with a specific tag character at the end. For example so when you receive an email from the company the tag will be attached to the address as well. And the email received will be in your inbox, however, you can easily eliminate it or block entry of any email from the company because of the specific tag attached to the address
  2. Once you received an email you can set up Gmail filters to sieve out or block or automatically delete any email coming through that address.
  3. To filter any email coming through to that address, type that particular tag address on the search box of the inbox area and then click the search arrow on the right-hand side. a filter form will be presented. Put the tag address in the form section and tap on creating a filter. In the following page tap on ‘delete it’ and tap on create filter at the bottom right hand of the page. Then, you are done, you will not be receiving email through that specific address again.


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